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Mug shot of the week

Posted by Richard on September 26, 2014

michael-whitingtonMichael Whitington, the charming fellow to the right, robbed a bank on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver on Tuesday. He attempted to get away by boarding the nearby light rail train. Which leads me to my…

PRO TIP of the week: If your getaway plan involves the light rail, make sure no one sees you board the train.

Cops stopped the train a few blocks away and arrested this criminal genius.

Something tells me we taxpayers are going to be on the hook for some dental bills.

UPDATED (9/27/14) to add link to CBS4Denver that I forgot last night (yes, adult beverages were involved).

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One Response to “Mug shot of the week”

  1. wade said

    Mike,(27yrs ago)was my best friend,and roomate here in Hampton va.yes we got plenty of tore up.shot a diet pill(preluden),very weekend.the best amphetamine ever made.stay up all weekend,sleep 20hrs and no withdrawal.def not the junk being smoked today.look it up,bi_62 on one side of pill.I(for the most part )got my life right,put down the needle and tried to enjoy life.I don’t think mike been smoking meth,he don’t look like skelator.too heavy.but he needed that money for something.what else y’all got out to be something real good.maybe crack,many,very much doubt it.that is not the mike I know.he was wild,never hurt anybody.but in that situation he would have gotten many more charges.def not the he happy camper in the pic.if anyone can tell me how I can contact him,(even by lettering),please call me(757)3587744.wade.I’m happy he and i are still alive,we were hard core junkies.12to15 just may save his life.

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