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Murdering their own children for a change

Posted by Richard on December 13, 2006

In a new twist for a sick culture, Palestinians are now murdering their own children instead of Israeli children. Captain Ed recalled Golda Meir’s famous prediction and noted how it relates to this new development:

Golda Meir once said, "Peace will come only when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate Jews." Unfortunately, Hamas has apparently decided that they hate Palestinian children almost as much as the Jews — if the children belong to Fatah officials. …

Even by Palestinian standards, the deliberate targeting of children for assassination goes beyond the pale — well, unless we’re talking about Israeli children. The Israelis have seen a number of their children murdered in attacks on school buses and on streets by Palestinian terrorists. The outrage and revulsion felt by the Palestinians at this assassination demonstrates the monstrous hypocrisy of terrorists.

That being said, this really marks a new low by either side. They have reversed Meir’s well-known standard to show their contempt for their own future by murdering their own children. In this case, they have gone beyond the last-ditch, seed-corn approach of arming their children to considering them fair game for hostilities, armed or not. For a culture that has set previous records in cowardice in their repeated attacks on civilians, this represents the nadir of the Palestinian experience.

I’m not surprised — either by the barbaric targeting of these three kids or by the contemptible hypocrisy of those who now mourn and wail and protest these murders, but in the past cheered the machine-gunning of Israeli schoolchildren and the bombing of Israeli schoolbuses and pizza parlors. And if I were the good Captain, I’d be careful about declaring anything as "the nadir of the Palestinian experience." Every time you think these people can’t possibly become any more barbaric, monstrous, and evil — they prove you wrong.

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