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Israel should stop warning of air strikes

Posted by Richard on July 14, 2014

The vilest, most disgusting comments on Twitter regarding the Hamas-Israel conflict are posted under the hashtags #HitlerWasRight and #HitlerDidNothingWrong. No, I’m not providing links. If you decide to check those out, plan on a shower afterwards.

Less hateful, but either stupid or disingenuous, are the many “disproportionate response”-type comments like this one:

The Western left seems to find it deeply “unfair” that the Israelis created a relatively effective anti-missile defense system and have enough bomb shelters so that virtually the entire population can get to one within the 15 or 20 seconds’ warning of incoming rockets. (Gaza has bomb shelters too, and many miles of deep tunnels, but they’re only for the Hamas leadership and their troops.)

The reasons for the difference in fatalities appear to be irrelevant to the left. Benjamin Netanyahu succinctly identified one key reason:

Netanyahu - the difference

Hamas has a long-standing practice of storing munitions in and firing rockets at Israel from residential areas, particularly adjacent to schools, hospitals, and mosques. Israel has a long-standing practice of warning Palestinians in advance (dropping leaflets, primarily) before striking such a Hamas target, urging civilians to leave the area. It’s a very humanitarian idea (and something virtually no other combatant has ever done), but it has two negative consequences. First, it gives Hamas some time to start moving its rockets, munitions, etc. Second, many civilian Hamas supporters (the vast majority of Gaza residents) — who as they often remind us love death more than we love life — don’t leave. In fact, at the urging of Hamas, at times additional people come to the target area. This ensures a steady supply of “martyrs”/victims for Western media consumption.

I think it’s past time for Israel to stop issuing advance warnings of specific strikes. They should instead blanket Gaza with a generic warning leaflet that says something like this:

If you are near a location from which rockets are fired at Israel or where such weapons are stored, and you want to live, leave the area. That location is subject to attack without any further warning.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of Palestinian civilian casualties actually declined.

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LA Times: Israel started it by firing back

Posted by Richard on January 19, 2014

This has become so predictable that it’s practically a “dog bites man” story. But it needs to be called out as a reminder of where our leftist mainstream media is coming from.

From HonestReporting (emphasis in original):

This LA Times headline is a sneak preview of more misleading reporting of Palestinian terrorism:

Israeli forces attack Gaza in new round of cross-border violence

The headline deliberately portrays Israel as an aggressor while a “new round of cross-border violence” is the equivalent of the “cycle of violence” where Palestinian terrorism and Israeli responses are treated as morally equivalent.

Unfortunately the LA Times is no stranger when it comes to this mentality.

But just to make sure you know who the aggressor is (emphasis added):

A cease-fire brokered between Hamas and Israel in late 2012 brought a period of relative quiet to the Gaza Strip. That was shattered last month, when Israeli military forces launched a series of attacks after suspected Palestinian sniper fire killed an Israeli civilian doing repair work on the border fence.

So let’s get this straight – Palestinians carry out acts of terror but Israel is the one that breaks a ceasefire by responding.

Or, “It all started when Israel fired back…”

Note also the phrase “a period of relative quiet to the Gaza Strip.” The LA Times is unconcerned about whether there is “a period of relative quiet” in Israel.

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Same story, two countries

Posted by Richard on July 10, 2011

While researching the current state of the Gaza flotilla for my previous post, I found the same July 7 Reuters story in two places. But there are some not-so-subtle differences (emphasis added throughout). On the Reuters UK website, the second paragraph states:

Greece, just over a year after nine people were killed when Israeli marines stormed a pro-Palestinian flotilla, imposed a ban on all Gaza-bound ships saying it feared for the safety of the activists who are now trying to find a way to set sail. 

I wouldn't call descending onto the deck by ropes from a helicopter "storming," but I won't quibble about that. But that sentence makes it sound like the whole flotilla was the scene of violence and leaves the impression that the Israelis were responsible for it. All the vessels were boarded peacefully except one, the Turkish ship Mavi Marmora. And there's ample video evidence proving that the Israelis were brutally attacked on the Mavi Marmora by "peace activists" who were members of a Turkish Islamist group allied with Hamas.

So the version from the Jerusalem Post (still under the Reuters byline) is somewhat more accurate: 

Greece imposed a ban on all Gaza-bound ships saying it feared for the safety of the activists who are now trying to find a way to set sail. A year ago, nine people were killed when IDF commandos stormed a Turkish flotilla ship and were met with violence.

Toward the end of the story, an even bigger difference jumped out at me. The Reuters UK version states: 

Israel says its blockade of Gaza is aimed at stopping weapons from reaching the enclave's rulers, Hamas — an Islamist group that is branded a terrorist group by some Western nations.


That smarmy bit of equivocation is corrected in the JPost version: 

Jerusalem says the blockade on Gaza is aimed at stopping weapons from reaching the Strip's rulers, Hamas — an Islamist terrorist group.

I wonder if a JPost editor made those changes or if Reuters routinely matches its "narrative" to the local audience in this way. 

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UN inquiry: Israel’s blockade of Gaza is legal

Posted by Richard on July 10, 2011

Well, this is something that doesn't happen every day: a UN committee siding with Israel! Both DEBKAfiles and Canada's National Post report that the UN inquiry into last year's Gaza flotilla incident has ruled that Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is legal and that it doesn't owe Turkey either an apology or reparations. According to the National Post's Michael Ross:

The UN investigative committee, headed by former Prime Minister of New Zealand and internationally renowned jurist, Geoffrey Palmer, actually criticizes Turkey for not doing enough to prevent the flotilla from setting sail and for also providing a somewhat anaemic and lacking investigation into the events of May 2010.

Now the part that is going to really take the starch out of the flotilla activist’s kafiyehs is that in its examination of the Turkel Committee’s report – the committee conducting Israel’s official investigation – aided by Nobel Peace Prize winner David Trimble and former Canadian Forces former Judge Advocate General, Ken Watkin QC, is its conclusion that the Israeli investigation (in stark contrast to Turkey’s) was conducted in a professional and independent manner.

For a UN report, the summary is astoundingly tepid in its criticism of Israel’s actions and constitutes a very mild slap on the wrist. The report mentions that while international law allows Israel to intercept ships far from its territorial waters, the navy would have been better off waiting until the flotilla was closer to the blockade line some 20 miles off shore. There is also the bromide of Israel using excessive force, but nobody disputes that when faced with attackers wielding iron bars, knives or axes, there is every justification for ditching the paintball gun for a real weapon in self-defence.

Greece is currently preventing this year's ten flotilla boats of "peace activists" from sailing for Gaza, so this seems to have been a bad week for leftist Hamas-lovers and Jew-haters.

In celebration, I'll repost the Latma TV Flotilla Choir's marvelous "We Con the World." Enjoy! 

[YouTube link]


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Son of Hamas coming to Colorado

Posted by Richard on January 21, 2011

I mentioned Mosab Hassan Yousef in a post last March about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the delusional thinking of Tavis Smiley and members of the Obama administration regarding Islamists. Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of the terrorist organization Hamas. He didn't follow in his father's footsteps.

For ten years, Yousef worked as an undercover agent for Israel's Shin Bet intelligence agency, providing vital information about Hamas operations that saved countless lives. He's a convert to Christianity and the author of Son of Hamas, which has received astonishingly good reviews on Amazon. From Colorado Jewish GOP:

Yousef claims that his doubts about Islam and Hamas began forming when he realized Hamas’ brutality, and that he hated how Hamas used the lives of suffering civilians and children to achieve their goals.

Yousef was held by Shin Bet agents in 1996. He claims that while in prison, he became appalled as he compared the Shin Bet’s methods with how the Hamas tortured suspected collaborators.  He decided to accept a Shin Bet approach to become an informant.  Since his release from prison in 1997, Yousef was considered the Shin Bet’s most reliable source in the Hamas leadership, earning himself the nickname the “Green Prince” – using the color of the Islamist group’s flag, and “prince” because of his pedigree as the son of one of the movement’s founders. The intelligence he supplied Israel led to the exposure of a number of Hamas cells as well as the prevention of dozens of suicide bombings and assassination attempts on Israeli figures. He has claimed that he did not inform for money but rather that his motivations were ideological and religious, and that he only wanted to save lives.

Yousef has stated that he supplied intelligence only on the condition that the “targets” would not be killed, but arrested. This led to the detention of several key Palestinian leaders, including Ibrahim Hamid, a Hamas commander in the West Bank, and Marwan Barghouti. Also, Yousef claims to have thwarted a 2001 plot to assassinate Shimon Peres, then foreign minister and now President of Israel. “Many people owe him their lives and don’t even know it”, says his former Shin Bet officer.

When I wrote about Yousef (now known as Joseph) last March, the Obama administration, for some insane, inexplicable reason, was trying to deport him. Fortunately, at the end of June, they dropped their effort, and an immigration judge granted him asylum. Had he been deported, it would almost certainly have been a death sentence. 

In early February, Yousef will be making two appearances in the Denver area:

February 9


Faith Bible Chapel

6210 Ward Road
Arvada, CO 80004

February 10


Hebrew Educational Alliance 

3600 South Ivanhoe Street
Denver, CO 80237

*Sponsored by Americans Against Terrorism, Faith Bible Chapel, and Stand With US and endorsed by a coalition of over 20 groups, synagogues and churches. For more information on sponsorship, please call 303-437-3144

 For more information, or to donate towards the purchase of radio and print advertising with the above message, click here

(Perks are available for large donors)

If you're in the Denver area and at all concerned about Islamist jihad, it behooves you to attend one of these events. If you can't attend, you may want to check out Son of Hamas, which Claudia Rosett said "reads with the page-turning ease of a great thriller." (I confess I haven't read it. I have a sizable stack of unread books in my house, and promised myself I wouldn't buy more until I significantly reduced the size of that stack.)

Oh, and if you can spare a few bucks to help promote these events, please click the "here" link above to donate. I have. 

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“We Con the World” is back on YouTube

Posted by Richard on July 10, 2010

The Flotilla Choir's marvelous "We Are the World" parody about "peaceful travelers" with guns and knives who just want to bring Gaza "some cheese and missiles for the kids" is once again available on YouTube. But why leave Combs Spouts Off? You can watch it right here.

This is a slightly different version, with some minor lyric changes (mostly improvements). And it includes more video clips of the "humanitarians" attacking the Israeli soldiers boarding their ship. 

YouTube removed the video about a month ago and apparently restored it three days ago (judging from the comments). I guess the anti-Israelis running Warner Music and/or YouTube finally gave up on their ludicrous copyright infringement story. If song parodies constituted copyright infringement, Weird Al Yankovic would be selling tires or something.

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Madness … chilling madness

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2010

Mohammed Abu Mustafa, a Palestinian infant from Gaza, was just four and a half months old and facing death in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, Israel. He had a genetic immune system deficiency. According to Haaretz, his mother Raida had experienced this heartbreaking situation before:

"I had two daughters in Gaza," she continued, her black eyes shimmering. "Both died because of immune deficiency. In Gaza I was told all the time that there is no treatment for this and that he is doomed to die. The problem now is how to pay for the [bone marrow] transplant. There is no funding." 

Shlomi Eldar, a reporter for Israel's Channel 10 News, went to the hospital to report little Mohammed's story. He ended up spending eight months filming the family, creating a full-length documentary, Precious Life, that's set to premier this week at the Jerusalem Film Festival. It's already won effusive praise. 

But first, Mohammed's life was in the balance and depended on a marrow transplant. Eldar reluctantly went to the hospital to do a story about the infant, convinced that nothing good would come of it: 

"I got to her after all the attempts to find a donation for the transplant had failed," he relates. "I understood that I was the baby's last hope, but I didn't give it much of a chance. At the time, Qassam rockets falling on Sderot opened every newscast. In that situation, I didn't believe that anyone would be willing to give a shekel for a Palestinian infant."

He was wrong. Hours after the news item about Mohammed was broadcast, the hospital switchboard was jammed with callers. An Israeli Jew whose son died during his military service donated $55,000, and for the first time the Abu Mustafa family began to feel hopeful. Only then did Eldar grasp the full dramatic potential of the story.

Thanks to the generous donations of countless Israeli Jews, Mohammed Abu Mustafa's life was saved. And despite his editor's misgivings, Shlomi Eldar decided that the story should be followed, leading to the documentary film.

Based on the lengthy interview with him by Haaretz, it's clear that Eldar is a compassionate, liberal (in the best sense of the word) person who feels deeply for the suffering of the people of Gaza, who was conflicted about Israel's conflict with Hamas, and who covered the conflict in a way sympathetic to the suffering of the residents of Gaza. But that's not the point of this post.

No, the point of this post is an exchange Eldar had with Raina Abu Mustafa, little Mohammed's mother, that almost led him to abandon the film project (emphasis added): 

From an innocent conversation about religious holidays, Raida Abu Mustafa launched into a painful monologue about the culture of the shahids – the martyrs – and admitted, during the complex transplant process, that she would like to see her son perpetrate a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem.

She also explained to Eldar exactly what she had in mind. "For us, death is a natural thing. We are not frightened of death. From the smallest infant, even smaller than Mohammed, to the oldest person, we will all sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Jerusalem. We feel we have the right to it. You're free to be angry, so be angry."

And Eldar was angry. "Then why are you fighting to save your son's life, if you say that death is a usual thing for your people?" he lashes out in one of the most dramatic moments in the film.

"It is a regular thing," she smiles at him. "Life is not precious. Life is precious, but not for us. For us, life is nothing, not worth a thing. That is why we have so many suicide bombers. They are not afraid of death. None of us, not even the children, are afraid of death. It is natural for us. After Mohammed gets well, I will certainly want him to be a shahid. If it's for Jerusalem, then there's no problem. For you it is hard, I know; with us, there are cries of rejoicing and happiness when someone falls as a shahid. For us a shahid is a tremendous thing."

That was enough to drain Eldar's motivation and dissolve all the compassion he had felt for Raida and Mohammed.


Madness. Disturbing, chilling madness. 

How do you coexist with people who not only despise your mere existence, but don't value their own? Or even their children's? How do you coexist with people who will rear their son to perpetrate a suicide attack on the very people whose donations made his survival possible?

It cannot be done.

If your eyes fill with tears upon reading this — you're not alone.

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The Three Terrors

Posted by Richard on June 20, 2010

The folks at LatmaTV who brought us the wonderful "We Con the World" have a new video. "Jihad is Sweet, Jihad is Fun" is performed by Iran's Ahmedido Domingo, Turkey's Erdogano Pavarotti, and Syria's Assad Carreras — The Three Terrors. Enjoy!

If you have an extra six minutes, watch the full Tribal Update of which the video below is a part. The portion of the "newscast" after the song is especially funny. It's in Hebrew, but subtitled (hide the Google ad covering the subtitles by clicking the X at its upper right). 

And if you really liked "We Con the World," buy the T-shirt. I did.

[YouTube link]

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Cheese and missiles for the kids

Posted by Richard on June 5, 2010

Watch the Latma TV Flotilla Choir's marvelous "We Con the World." Then share it with your friends. Awesome, truly awesome! Bravo, Carolyn Glick and associates! (HT: Big Journalism)

UPDATE: Banned by YouTube! "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc."

But you can still watch it at PJTV!

UPDATE 2: Don't miss the new music video from Latma TV, The Three Terrors!

UPDATE 3 (7/10/10): It's back on YouTube (and below)! This is a slightly different version, with some minor lyric changes, and with more video of the "humanitarians" attacking the IDF soldiers boarding the ship.

[YouTube link]

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The “peace activists” fraud

Posted by Richard on June 3, 2010

Five of the six ships in the "humanitarian flotilla" that tried to break the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza were boarded peacefully by IDF soldiers. The blockade is necessary and justified under international law in order to prevent massive shipments of rockets and other munitions to Hamas for attacks on Israel. The ships were escorted to an Israeli port, where the passengers were allowed to disembark.

Their cargo, after inspection, will be forwarded into Gaza by land. Along with the hundred or so tractor-trailers that pass through Israeli checkpoints into Gaza every day — there is no "humanitarian crisis" or shortage of food, water, and other merchandise in Gaza; the store shelves are full. 

So what was different about the sixth ship, the Mavi Marmara, where all the violence occurred? This was the ship of a Turkish Islamofascist terrorist organization called IHH. It was full of self-described mujahideen eager to become shahid (martyrs) in the cause of annihilating the Jews. A number of them are reportedly al Qaeda members. They were armed, organized, and positioned for a battle before the Israelis boarded. The Israeli soldiers were set upon with knives, iron pipes, and concussion grenades the moment they set foot on deck. 

Most of the mainstream media — and shamefully, the U.S. and other Western governments — were too busy shedding tears for the poor "peace activists" and quickly rushing to condemn Israel to wait even a few hours for the true story to begin to come out. Most are still failing to report what really happened — that the Israelis were the victims, not the aggressors, and that this was a deliberate propaganda stunt. The jihadists know that they can always count on our media to abet them in such efforts. 

For more about these "peace activists," go here and here. And here, too. For tons of info, links, and videos, see Backspin's liveblogging parts one and two. And this HonestReporting alert. You can read about and watch video of Netanyahu's excellent response to this travesty here.

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Human Rights Watch finally notices rocket attacks on Israel

Posted by Richard on August 12, 2009

Human Rights Watch has for a very long time had a highly selective view of the Middle East, relentlessly critical of Israel and solicitous of the Palestinians. But now, after eight years of almost daily rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas, HRW has noticed that these attacks are war crimes. Of course, they're still playing the moral equivalence game, essentially saying that the many "war crimes" committed by Israel are no excuse for Hamas to commit war crimes, too.

Still, it's somewhat of an improvement — is it better late than never? Not according to Honest Reporting, which thinks it knows why HRW has suddenly acknowledged some of Hamas' crimes (emphasis added):

While any acknowledgment of Hamas crimes from HRW or any other powerful NGO is welcome, we have to ask why has it taken so long, after several years and thousands of Qassam rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip. Could it be because HRW was caught with its hands in the Saudi cookie jar?

As we recently reported, HRW's Sarah Leah Whitson was exposed trying to fundraise from wealthy Saudis by highlighting battles with "pro-Israel pressure groups in the US, the European Union and the United Nations". HRW has been suitably embarrassed and its latest report on Hamas rocket attacks needs to be seen in this context.

In addition, NGO Monitor asks a number of questions, including over the timing of the report, HRW's perpetuation of the "balance" between terrorist groups and their targets, and HRW's failure to condemn Hamas for its extensive use of human shields.

Sorry HRW, but your report and video are simply too little too late.

You can watch the HRW video at Honest Reporting. Check out NGO Monitor, too. Their questions about HRW's report are quite pertinent.

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Pro-Israel rally a success

Posted by Richard on January 12, 2009

I added an after-rally update to my earlier post about Sunday's rally against terrorism and in support of Israel, but I've decided it really deserves a new post. Who looks for updates on posts they read days ago, right?

Americans Against Terrorism (AAT) deserves big kudos for putting together, in just one week, a great rally! According to the state police estimate, about 3000 attended the pro-Israel rally, while 1000 pro-Palestinians counter-demonstrated across the street (I had estimated 3000 for our side, too, but I guessed the pro-Palestinian number at closer to the same).

One thing about the counter-demonstration really ticked me off. According to a Denver police sergeant with whom I spoke, the Palestinians got a permit from the state for their counter-demonstration and were authorized to use sound equipment — which drowned out our speakers if you were at the perimeter of our crowd. It's a free country, and I have no problem with them counter-demonstrating. But they were trying to drown our side out (and would have if they'd had more sound output) — they wanted to silence their opponents, just like radical Islamists always do — and the state apparently abetted them.

Since AAT got the Capitol permit first, there was simply no excuse for effectively giving the Palestinians permission to interfere with and disrupt our rally. No excuse, but I can think of two reasons: (1) anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian sentiments by the decision-maker, or (2) the usual moderate/liberal craven cowardice in the face of radical Muslim's angry demands. I suppose the odds favor reason 2.

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Rally in support of Israel

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2009

It's unbelievable to me that anyone other than radical Islamists would even question the Israelis' right to defend themselves against the relentless rocket attacks by Hamas. But we live in a Bizarro World where news reporters say with a straight face that the "cease-fire" was broken when Israel struck back against the rocket attacks. It's essential that those of us who side with the civilized against the barbarians, who draw a moral distinction between naked aggression and self-defense, stand up and speak out.

At 2 PM this Sunday, January 11th, American Against Terrorism is holding an anti-terror, pro-Israel rally at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver (Colfax & Lincoln). If you're anywhere near Denver, please join me there.

Many rallies are planned around the country over the next few days. Check this list for one near you that you can attend.

AAT's Neil Dobro:

“If you would fight an enemy who launched rockets loaded with shrapnel into your home and at your children, you should join us on Sunday. It is amazing to see people in the streets of Europe, and even the U.S., supporting a terror group that has vowed to destroy Israel simply because it is populated by Jews. We hope that our rally will serve as a wake up call to Americans: terror must be fought and destroyed. The Palestinian people have suffered hardships, and now a devastating war as a result of the hateful actions of Hamas. Some Gazans didn’t vote or back their rise to power; but now they too are paying for the choices made by Hamas leaders. Israelis live with the constant effort of these Iranian trained terror fighters who have taken vows to kill them. Hamas won’t stop, so they must be stopped. “

 UPDATE: I've posted info about the rally at,,, and If you can think of other places to post info about the Denver rally or any of the other nationwide rallies (or if you want to post your own messages to those sites to reinforce the message), please do so. Feel free to copy or adapt what I've posted here.

UPDATE 2 (1/11): Great rally! According to the state police estimate, about 3000 attended the pro-Israel rally, while 1000 pro-Palestinians rallied across the street (I had estimated 3000 for our side, too, but I guessed the pro-Palestinian number at closer to the same).

One thing about the counter-demonstration really ticked me off. According to a Denver police sergeant with whom I spoke the Palestinians got a permit from the state for their counter-demonstration and were authorized to use sound equipment — which drowned out our speakers if you were at the perimeter of our crowd. It's a free country, and I have no problem with them counter-demonstrating. But they were trying to drown our side out (and would have if they'd had more sound output) — silence their opponents, just like radical Islamists always do — and the state apparently abetted them.

Since AAT got the Capitol permit first, there was simply no excuse for effectively giving the Palestinians permission to interfere with and disrupt our rally. No excuse, but I can think of two reasons: (1) anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian sentiments by the decision-maker, or (2) the usual moderate/liberal craven cowardice in the face of radical Muslim's angry demands. I suppose the odds favor reason 2.

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Terror supporters convicted

Posted by Richard on November 27, 2008

The retrial of five Holy Land Foundation officials (the first trial ended in a mistrial when the jury deadlocked) has finally ended. All the defendants were convicted on all counts:

The men, Shukri Abu-Baker, Ghassan Elashi, Mohamed El-Mezain, Mufid Abdulqader and Abdelrahman Odeh, could face up to 20 years in prison for their convictions on conspiracy counts, including conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. The verdicts, read Monday afternoon, ended a two-year saga in what is considered the largest terror financing case since the 9/11 attacks.

After the first trial, I remember lots of criticism of government prosecutors for presenting a very complicated case — with scores of witnesses, lots of complex financial data, and tons of evidence — in a very disorganized and hard-to-follow manner. Someone seems to have addressed that problem effectively this time (emphasis added):

Prosecutors made a series of significant adjustments, from dropping 29 counts each against defendants Mufid Abdulqader and Abdelrahman Odeh, to adding new witnesses who could put the charity support in context. In addition, jurors in this trial saw three exhibits Israeli military officials seized from the Palestinian Authority which showed the PA also considered HLF to be a Hamas financer and that an HLF-supported charity committee was controlled by Hamas.

The result was a much more streamlined case that followed a logical narrative, said Peter Margulies, a law professor at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. Seeing the Palestinian Authority reach the same conclusion as the U.S. government had to have helped, he said.

In addition, prosecutors provided summary exhibits that served as "a road map" to the case and had to help jurors deliberate, Margulies said. "The jury was able to look at the evidence and get past the perceived biases of any of the witnesses and see the evidence as a whole."

That evidence made clear that the defendants knew where the money raised in the U.S. was going despite legal prohibitions against support for Hamas.

The verdict was hailed by M. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Prosecutors prevailed because they were able to "connect the ideology of political Islam and the overriding mission of Islamist organizations like the HLF to their desire to contribute to the efforts of terror groups, like Hamas," he said. "When this connection is made we will see the return of a guilty verdict. In future [terrorism financing] cases DOJ will not only have to connect the financial dots but [will have] to demonstrate an overarching common Islamist mission."

Don't forget that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which the media (and many in the government) routinely portray as the voice of moderate American Muslims — was an unindicted co-conspirator in this case. Because the leadership of CAIR shares that "ideology of political Islam" and "Islamist mission."

BTW, those inclined to see this as just another example of the Bush administration trampling on civil liberties should take it up with members of Congress and the previous administration (it looks like many of the latter will be back on January 20th):

… Support for Hamas became illegal with a 1995 executive order by President Bill Clinton and subsequent congressional action.


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Talks with Hamas already?

Posted by Richard on November 11, 2008

Take this claim with a grain of salt. It comes from a terrorist organization leader talking to an Arab newspaper, so it's only slightly more credible than a CBS News story about a National Guard memo. But Haaretz reported it:

The Arab daily Al-Hayat on Tuesday quoted a senior Hamas official as saying that United States President-elect Barack Obama's advisors met with members of the Palestinian militant group before the U.S. presidential election.

Ahmed Yusuf, a political advisor to Hamas' Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh, reportedly told the London-based paper that, "The connection was made via email and after that we met with them in Gaza."

Al-Hayat reported that Yusuf also said the relations were maintained after Obama's electoral victory last Tuesday. He said the president-elect's advisors requested that the relations be kept secret so as not to aid his rival, Senator John McCain.

Well, that part has a certain ring of truth to it.

During Obama's campaign, he pledged that his administration would only hold talks with Hamas if it renounced terrorism, recognized Israel's right to exist, and abided by past agreements.

Maybe Hamas leaders secretly renounced terrorism and recognized Israel's right to exist in their emails to the Obama campaign? Yeah, right. 

I've heard that Rahm Emmanuel is a strong supporter of Israel. If this story is true, I wonder what he thinks of it. I wonder if he knew about it.

BTW, if you see this reported in any American mainstream media outlets, drop a link in the comments. I tried searching Google News for obama hamas talks and obama hamas meet. I learned that, as Jerusalem Newswire put it, "Israel reverberates" with the news. But in the U.S. as of 10:30 PM Mountain Time, only Hot Air seemed interested.

UPDATE: P. David Hornik at PajamasMedia and Instapundit also noticed. Still waiting on the NYT, WaPo, AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, …

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