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My letter to Sen. Allard

Posted by Richard on June 17, 2005

This morning, I faxed and emailed the following letter to Sen. Allard’s Washington office. Feel free to borrow from it and contact your own Senator(s). Email is OK, but fax or paper are better.

Dear Sen. Allard:

Recently, Sen. Durbin compared our interrogators and staff at Guantanamo to Nazis, gulag guards, and operatives of the Pol Pot regime. I’m familiar with the interrogation techniques authorized at Gitmo, including the special, tougher techniques that Sec. Rumsfeld authorized for a limited period on specific prisoners.

If Sen. Durbin honestly thinks that those techniques are in any way remotely comparable or morally equivalent to the behavior of Nazis, Stalinists, or the Khmer Rouge, then he is completely unhinged — non compos mentis and unfit to serve in the Senate.

Alternatively, Sen. Durbin is so filled with partisan hatred that he doesn’t care how much he harms his country and its soldiers if it serves to embarrass this administration.

Sen. Durbin has outrageously slandered the men and women who serve at Guantanamo. He has increased the danger to our brave men and women in uniform in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. And he has given aid and comfort to our enemy.

I ask that you introduce a resolution censuring Sen. Durbin and repudiating his remarks in the strongest possible language.

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2 Responses to “My letter to Sen. Allard”

  1. Seth said

    I sent an email to Michael Bloomberg, the lib in GOP clothing, at the site he provides for feedback.

  2. Anonymous said

    Um, Seth? Bloomberg is a mayor — how does he figure in this? Admittedly, New Yorkers don’t have many good options regarding Senate action: Schumer may be a waste of time; Clinton has so far declined to comment. But it’s worth putting heat on them anyway, if only to weaken their inclination to side openly with Durbin.

    And there’s always Sen. Frist — no matter where you live, you should tell Frist that Durbin must be censured!

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