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Name that party

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2008

Finally, I get to play the "name that party" game that scores of libertarian and conservative bloggers have been playing for so long. It works this way: Find an MSM news story about a politician doing something despicable. If he/she is a Republican, note how quickly and often the party affiliation is mentioned. The game's over.

If you can't find any mention of the miscreant's political party, or you get 80 or 90% of the way through the story without seeing any mention, you stand a good chance of winning by betting that the perp is a Democrat.

So here's my entry, from The Denver Post:

Jeffco House candidate charged with assaulting daughter
By Ann Schrader
The Denver Post

Article Last Updated: 07/07/2008 04:47:18 PM MDT 

GOLDEN — A Jefferson County school board member who is a state legislative candidate has been arrested for allegedly slapping and choking his teenage daughter.

Vince Chowdhury, 48, has been charged with third-degree assault and harassment in connection with the June 17 incident and with contempt of court for an alleged violation of a protective order for sending two e-mails to his wife.

Chowdhury owns an insurance agency and lives in a pretty nice Littleton suburb. But apparently, he saw no reason to spring for a $129 garage door opener when he had a wife and daughter at his beck and call. According to neighbors, he routinely pulled into his driveway, honked his horn, and one of the obedient womenfolk ran to open the garage door. (I wonder how he could be sure they would always be home. Could it be that they needed his permission to leave?)

But this time, he sat and honked for more than the customary few seconds, and Chowder-hurry got seriously ticked off.

Katherine Chowdhury and her daughter apologized, but they said Chowdhury started slapping his 16-year-old daughter's face, the affidavit said.

The daughter backed away, but Chowdhury began to choke her with both hands, the affidavit said. The daughter told police she bit one of his hands in self-defense before her mother attempted to pull him off of her.

The affidavit said the girl then locked herself in her bedroom until deputies arrived.

Chowdhury told deputies he just "lost it" when his wife and daughter did not hear him honking the horn in the driveway, the affidavit said.

So that's the story. I'll try to resist speculating about how Chowder-hurry's behavior toward women might relate to a likely ethnic/religious background (his surname is Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Indian). (OK, I admit I didn't resist too well.)

Let's play "name that party"!

The Denver Post story contains exactly a dozen (12) paragraphs. When do you suppose we learn in which party's primary Chowder-hurry is a candidate for the state legislature?

Why, paragraph 11:

Chowdhury, a Democrat, is running for the House District 22 seat and faces a primary in August. He has served on the school board for seven years.

What a great game! I hope I get the chance to play again soon. I bet I can win just about every time.

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4 Responses to “Name that party”

  1. Hathor said

    Yo could have used a different story, since it’s importance is more about abuse than party affiliation.I would guess the many victims of abuse from parents or spouses feel much better, because their surnames are not of the origin you mentioned.

  2. RedPencil said

    Holy moly, I have met Chowdhury several times, as he campaigned for MY house district! I never woulda suspected the details in the story. (Except him selling insurance. THAT, somehow, I did guess.) And somehow the story had escaped my notice. So thanks for using this particular example!

  3. RedPencil said

    PS, Chowdhury changed from being a Republican to being a Democrat in August 2006. (I am guessing he started smelling Republican blood in the water around then, and felt his opportunities were elsewhere.) If he were still a Republican, I am sure there would be a little (R) next to his name in the first paragraph though.

  4. rgcombs said

    I ”could” have used a different story, if I’d seen a different story that illustrated the point of the “name that party” game — that the MSM typically find the party affiliation of Republican wrongdoers much more relevant than that of Democratic wrongdoers. The reason for my post had nothing to do with the specific crime committed, it was about the reporting.

    The observation about his name was a snarky aside. What can I say? I’m incorrigible.

    The ”Rocky Mountain News” story mentioned Chowdhury’s party affiliation in the 2nd paragraph, and also mentioned his change of party. He’s already worked out a plea bargain that avoids jail time.

    I’ll keep an eye out for that different story. 🙂

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