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SoCal Republicans are revolting

Posted by Richard on July 7, 2008

Republican activists (and big money donors) in Southern California are fed up with their party's Congressional leadership. The Lincoln Club of Orange County is demanding that the current leadership in both houses be replaced. According to Bob Novak, they're now circulating the ultimatum among angry Republicans around the country (emphasis added):

The message: "Come Nov. 5, should the current GOP leadership in either house survive to lead in a new Congress, the Lincoln Club of Orange County will review the financial backing of all congressional Republicans, and we urge others to do likewise. A GOP caucus that would re-elect such leaders is not one we would likely continue to support. Because, simply put, we refuse to support a permanent minority."

It deplores refusal by party leaders to support a one-year moratorium on earmarks, whose 285 percent growth when Congress was under Republican control is "the perfect symbol of the GOP-led profligacy that drives us crazy still." Earmarks "epitomize the fiscal recklessness that led to Republicans becoming a minority in 2006. … It's no wonder the Republican leadership continued to fail on … entitlement reform and a reduction in federal spending."

"We urge other Republican donor groups to reinforce this important beginning," read the club's ultimatum, adding, "It is not credible to ask the American people to return Republicans to the majority when all we offer them is the same group of leaders and policies they so recently rejected."

About time. I hope this spreads like wildfire.



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2 Responses to “SoCal Republicans are revolting”

  1. Mo'thanskin (Roosevelt) said

    RG, have you noticed that liberal Democrats are no longer holding to their traditional principles and “limited gornment” Republicans are not longer holding to their traditional principles? My theory is that both parties have been co-opted by fascist neoconservatives until you can hardly tell the difference between the GOP and the Dems. I am just about ready to vote for the Libertarian party this fall because American needs a viable third party not controled by corporatism, as I see it.

  2. rgcombs said

    You’re right, Mo, but I don’t think it’s co-opting by fascist neocons (whatever those are). I think it’s just that the leadership of both parties is even more corrupt, unprincipled, and self-serving than usual.

    It isn’t all that unusual — in the 70s, Democrats led by ward-heelers elected by dead people went after Richard Nixon and his cronies. The smell on both sides was awful! 🙂

    I’m almost with you on voting for Libertarian Bob Barr. He’s awfully good on privacy and individual rights, and he seems to have genuinely seen the folly of his pro-drug-war stance.

    I’ll certainly do it if the late Colorado polls aren’t too close (one way or the other). I’m hesitant only because the thought of who Obama would nominate to the Supreme Court makes me shudder.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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