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Nanotech you can hang on the wall and watch

Posted by Richard on May 14, 2005

Here’s an interesting technology story I almost missed. Motorola has produced a prototype flat panel display by growing carbon nanotubes (1/10,000th the thickness of a human hair) on a glass substrate:

"With over 15 years experience and 160 patents in carbon nanotube technology and flat panel displays, we have developed a technology that could enable the next generation of large-size flat-panel displays to deliver an extraordinary visual experience at a fraction of current prices," said Jim O’Connor, vice president of Motorola technology incubation and commercialization.

He said a 40-inch screen will cost less than $400. This compares with 40-inch liquid-crystal plasma screens costing $2,500 and up today.

The reporter is a little confused regarding LCDs and plasmas, but O’Connor’s point gets through. And it’s great news. Except for those of us who’ve already spent $2500 and up. [sigh] 

[HT: EconoPundit]

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