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No WMDs? Really?

Posted by Richard on February 17, 2006

Last Saturday at the Denver Libertarians breakfast, a good friend with whom I disagree vehemently regarding the war, the threat of Islamofascism, and related matters brought up once again the "no WMDs" meme. I promised to send him a link to a good refutation of that argument that I’d recently seen, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. So I’m thinking I might as well post it here.

(Mind you, I don’t consider WMDs to be the be-all and end-all of the decision to invade Iraq. But it does matter, and I’m tired of lies being turned into accepted truth by virtue of their endless repetition.)

The refutation I was thinking of was this BizzyBlog post, which is a repost, with additional material and updates, of this one.

Of course, I could point to The Anchoress’ post about enriched uranium, or the Kenneth Timmerman article posted at The Red Voice, or From the Great North Wet’s detailed discussion of the WMD issue, or perhaps the briefer, more to-the-point Cult of 7G post.

Or I could simply cite this Villanous Company post, in which Cassandra poses the marvelous question, "if you search for your car keys and fail to find them, have you proved they never existed?" That post foreshadowed the release of some recently-translated Saddam tapes and documents, which are being discussed this weekend at John Loftus’ Intelligence Summit in Arlington, VA.

But, no — I think I’ll just stick with that BizzyBlog post, suggest you follow some of his many links, and point out that he’s completely correct regarding his challenge: if you want to credibly argue that there were no WMDs, you have to discredit all the evidence he cited to the contrary.

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