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Obama administration to regulate gas fireplaces

Posted by Richard on January 31, 2015

The Daily Caller headline reads “Feds To Regulate Fake Fireplaces To Stop Global Warming.”

Better go out and buy a gas fireplace and stove soon before federal regulations make them more expensive. Federal officials are looking to regulate the energy usage of fake fireplaces as part of the Obama administration’s effort to fight global warming.

I think they missed an opportunity there. The headline should have read “Feds To Regulate Fake Fireplaces To Pretend to Stop Fake Global Warming.”

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One Response to “Obama administration to regulate gas fireplaces”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Hey Richard. Are we two of the very few individuals left who understand that there have been cyclic changes in the climate of this planet ever since there’s BEEN a climate? Are we also two of the very few individuals who can see plainly that the people pushing “man caused global warming” are ignoring data that couldn’t fit into their “model” if they used a ten-foot shoehorn, and are bilking people out of bazillions to pay for their “alternate” energy sources that will NEVER be practical? I’m pretty sure the answer to both questions is yes and that’s just…..depressing. Oh well, I hope your new year has been better than mine so far. Ciao.

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