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Of carnivals and councils

Posted by Richard on January 31, 2006

Mover Mike has posted Carnival of Liberty #30, so head on over there and start clicking links! Judging from the descriptions, there’s a bunch of good reading there.

And speaking of good reading, I’ve been remiss in not pointing to some other great reads. First, there’s Gullyborg’s most recent Carnival of Cordite. Since it was the 45th, he included only posts related to .45s. If you like big bore guns, head on over there right now — I just hope you’ve got a broadband connection! 🙂

Also, check out the most recent top vote-getters from the Watcher’s Council (the list of all nominees is here). New council member Done With Mirrors took the top council spot with Chaos or Community, a longish essay that I most strongly recommend. It’s a marvelous piece of work, thought-provoking and moving. You’ll enjoy learning about civil rights worker Frances Freeborn Pauley, "Everybody’s Grandmother & Nobody’s Fool."

The Winds of Change entry that’s the top non-council vote-getter is also well worth reading: Just A Second – It’s Not That Dark Yet (And We Have A Really Big Flashlight) by Armed Liberal looks at the Iran problem. Although counseling patience and calm, he concedes that we have to take the situation very seriously, and he does so with marvelous succinctness:

One key difference between 9/10/01 and 9/12/01 is that on the 12th, we came to realize that people who made insane threats and had some history of acting on them could no longer be ignored as colorful.

Another great turn of phrase sums up his advice:

Let’s remember that Iran is 30 minutes away from becoming a sheet of glass at our command. That power is real, and gives us both the space to maneuver and the responsibility to use it wisely.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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