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OK City, Waco, and … Baghdad?

Posted by Richard on April 20, 2005

This morning, I heard on the news that today is the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. The thought that immediately entered my mind was, "Also, the 12th anniversary of the Waco massacre. And the 230th anniversary of Concord and Lexington."

I’m sorry that Waco has been so thoroughly forgotten. Not to mention Concord and Lexington.

But I’m also sorry that some who still remember Waco think like Anthony Gregory, who says in this column:

Some conservatives still condemn Waco all the while cheering on Iraq, where Waco has been happening every day since the invasion.

Yeah, right, Waco and Iraq are morally equivalent. Since the invasion. Killing Islamofascists who revel in hacking off heads and blowing up schools, markets, and hospitals and whose avowed goal is to force everyone on earth to submit or die; fighting these monsters while taking the greatest pains ever taken to minimize innocent civilian casualties, even though it greatly increases the risk to our troops — that’s pretty much the same as gassing and shooting 80 peaceful, non-violent Americans, mostly unarmed women and children, because one of the adults may possibly have been guilty of a technical paperwork violation of some stupid gun control act.

And making it possible for millions of Iraqis to lift their purple fingers with pride is just like having a sniper shoot Vicki Weaver on her porch while she held her baby.

Morally equivalent? Yeah, right. Remind me to quit paying any attention to It’s bad for my blood pressure.

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One Response to “OK City, Waco, and … Baghdad?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Yes, is bad for the blood pressure. I go there occasionally just to remind myself why I’m not an anarcho-capitalist.

    Tom []

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