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Palin derangement syndrome in the MSM

Posted by Richard on June 10, 2011

The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and Huffington Post (and maybe others I've missed) have recruited readers (!) to help them go through 24,000 emails to and from Sarah Palin when she was Governor of Alaska. Michelle Malkin pointed out that they were far less interested in things like the Obamacare and stimulus bills, or Project Gunrunner. What a surprise.

CBS News, one of the organizations "investigating" the Palin emails, refused to release a tape they made of President Obama talking candidly at a fundraiser when he thought the mic was off. Heck, that might embarrass him, and CBS News will have no part of that. C'mon, guys, let's find the juicy tidbits in those Palin emails! 

IIRC, the emails were released because of an FOIA request from the NYTimes and WaPo. I don't recall any of these "media watchdogs" having the slightest interest in Barack Obama's record in the Illinois Senate, or in anything else about his background, in 2008. In fact, it was Judicial Watch, the public interest law group, that made an FOIA request for Obama's Illinois Senate records. Guess what? There aren't any. And nobody in the MSM thinks that's the slightest bit unusual. Keep checkin' those Palin emails, folks! There's some good stuff in there, you betcha! 

Bill Jacobson is keeping a list (updated from time to time) of the MSM's astonishing findings and headlines regarding the Palin emails. Check it regularly for the latest revelations. Breaking news: she once used the term "unflippinbelievable"; she got advice from her husband and Newt Gingrich; at the beginning of her term as Governor, she encouraged her staff to be open with the press; she was concerned about the media scrutiny she and her family were receiving. 

Shocking, isn't it? But that's why we have a free press — to carry water for their Socialist Democrat overlords expose the truth about scary right-wing zealots. 

UPDATE: I almost forgot. The LA Times, one of the MSM outlets assiduously searching for dirt in the Palin emails, has never released a 2008 video of Obama meeting with a group of Palestinians, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn to toast PLO mouthpiece and Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi

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2 Responses to “Palin derangement syndrome in the MSM”

  1. David Bryant said

    Some of the comments on Bill Jacobson’s “Legal Insurrection” page are a hoot.

    ==> BREAKING: Analysis of #PalinEmails shows a relative in Nigeria died and left her $10 million in a foreign bank account.

    ==> The Brits are in on the act — The Guardian has displayed an email where Sarah used the word “Sheeeeesh” with a capital “S” . . . this could get ugly, huh?

    Clearly the most important bit of “news” that will ever emerge from this tempest in a teapot has already been summarized by the Washington Post: “Sarah Palin e-mails: What was redacted?”

  2. David Bryant said

    I just noticed a couple of things.

    Bill Jacobson has moved his blog to a new URL. So some links are broken — even inside his own site, surprisingly enough.

    — Apparently the great Sarah Palin e-mail scandal has already run its course. I did run across this article in the ”’New York Daily News”, which indirectly relates to our ongoing discussion of cultural literacy. After dissecting the grammar and style in a couple of Sarah’s e-mail messages, Professor McWhorter reaches this unsurprising conclusion: the more one reads, the more one’s writing tends to improve. It’s too bad the NEA can’r figure that out.

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