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Praising the jihadist murderers’ accomplices

Posted by Richard on September 12, 2012

In a “no questions” press conference this morning, President Obama “praised Libyan security forces for acting to repel the attack” and for taking Ambassador Stevens’ body to a hospital. That was about three hours after it was reported that those Libyan security forces had directed the jihadist attackers to the ambassador’s hiding place.

I suppose the President wasn’t aware of that report. Understandable, since he no doubt skipped any security briefing that may have been held (he’s skipped more than half the security briefings that have taken place since he took office; W never missed a one). Plus, he had other things on his mind, like the campaign appearances and fundraisers scheduled for later in the day.

Besides, according to some Libyan officials, the US is to blame for the attack. I expect the State Department to apologize any time now.

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