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Rapping against the regime

Posted by Richard on May 22, 2007

I'm going to do something unusual for me — I'm going to urge you to watch a rap video. As with most rap videos, I can't really understand the words (although I'm pretty certain these lyrics don't include "bitch," "ho," "motherf*cker," or ni**er"). But, unlike most rap videos, I found this one's message easy to understand and moving:

HT: Gateway Pundit  

You want to know more about the repression that upset these Iranian rappers? Gateway Pundit has pictures of how unveiled women are treated in Iran, along with links to a plethora of other posts about the treatement of women in Iran. The list includes this description of how one mullah categorized women:

He divided women into 3 groups:

The first group… he said are the women who are badly veiled who are like buses who everyone and anyone can ride.

The second group… are women who are wearing scarves without the Islamic overcoats; they are like taxis who only pick up certain passengers.

And finally, in the third group… there are women like my wife who are like donkeys who let only one person ride them!

So the zenith, the highest position that a woman can strive for, is to be like a donkey. Does the feminist movement have anything to say about this? 

Publius Pundit showed that young men who defy the regime face a similar fate. And check out Gateway Pundit's news, pictures, and links about the ongoing beatings and arrests of Iranian university students protesting their repressive regime.

I'd like to believe that some small fraction of my chronically misspent tax dollars is secretly helping the pro-democracy movements in Iran.

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3 Responses to “Rapping against the regime”

  1. Dana said

    Yeah! I’m a donkey in Iran! Can I get a little button for my sidebar?

  2. rgcombs said

    Hmm, maybe a “Liberate the Donkeys” logo? We could link it to a petition or something.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Ahmmakinajihad pays any attention to infidel petitions.

  3. Dana said

    Let’s hope he doesn’t. I don’t need him showing up on my doorstep!

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