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Rep. Hare doesn’t care about Constitution

Posted by Richard on April 3, 2010

This week's award for stupidest thing said on camera by a politician clearly goes to Rep. Hank Johnson (SD-GA). But Rep. Phil Hare (SD-IL) certainly tried to give him a run for his money. Hare dismissively told a group of constituents that he didn't care about the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. And he betrayed his ignorance of that document by claiming that "it says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Here's the video:

[YouTube link]

The Chicagoist suggested that politicians like Hare need to get a clue, and predicted that Hare's opponent, Bobby Schilling, is going to benefit greatly from that little video gem: 

We can't believe we have to say it in this day and age, but take an ear, politicians – we're about to drop some science on your ass. When someone is shoving a camera in your face and pressing you about issues, they are drooling in anticipation that you're going to say something stupid. See, there's this thing called YouTube where people can take things that otherwise wouldn't make it past the walls of the community rec room you appear to be in, and put it in front of the whole world. When the guy behind the camera said "Jackpot, brother!" at :52 seconds in? Yeah, that's him acknowledging that he understands you're going to be all over the internets as soon as he uploads it.

This is exactly why media consultants get paid ridiculous amounts of money. Because they exist to tell politicians and CEOs to not say things like that they don't care about the Constitution. In addition to that, if you're in Congress and think you can cover by throwing out a handy "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" and assume that people won't know that that's from the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution, well…you did know that, right Mr. Hare?

Say something like "the constitution is a living document" or something about the Commerce Clause, or "I believe that the constitutional questions will be settled by the court and I believe this legislation will stand up to the suits brought by the Attorneys General." Something less stupid than "it doesn't matter to me."

Hare's opponent, pizzeria owner Bobby Schilling, has just recieved the political equivalent of a slow pitch down the middle of the plate. He's already responded to the comments in the local press, but if ideas for campaign advertising aren't already formulating in his brain, then maybe he needs the help of Chicagoist Strategies Incorporated.

Schilling's campaign already is looking pretty strong, based on this poll. I'm going to learn more about him, and I may contribute to his campaign. Any congresscritter who without hesitation declares that the Constitution he's sworn to uphold doesn't matter to him ought to be removed from office, one way or another.

Since tar, feathers, and rails seem (unfortunately) to have fallen out of favor, and the next election isn't that far off, a resounding defeat at the polls seems like the appropriate fate for a contemptible scoundrel like Hare. 

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2 Responses to “Rep. Hare doesn’t care about Constitution”

  1. David Bryant said

    “Any congresscritter who without hesitation declares that the Constitution he’s sworn to uphold doesn’t matter to him ought to be removed from office, one way or another.”

    Article 1, Section 5: Each House may, … with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.

    Since all the rest of them took an oath to support the constitution, they are clearly honor bound to expel Mr. Hare. Except, of course, that the rest of them don’t care about the constitution either, and most of them haven’t the foggiest notion of honor.

  2. zombyboy said

    I am constantly amazed at the foolishness of elected officials. Constantly.

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