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Science from the reality-based community

Posted by Richard on July 9, 2006

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It all began Friday with LGF’s Hilarious Lefty Post of the Day, which linked to this post at Democratic Underground:

Can a jet fuel/hydrocarbon fire collapse a steel structure? An experiment.

The post is from last October (I’m not sure what prompted Charles to link to it now; maybe he just came across it). If you’d rather not visit DU, you can read the whole thing, plus some fine introductory and concluding remarks, at Instapinch.

The poster, spooked911, is apparently a regular at DU with over 1000 posts. His "experiment" (fully documented with a series of photographs) consisted of:

  • Making a "model" from rabbit fencing and concrete blocks.
  • Simulating "airplane damage" by cutting some of the "support columns" in the rabbit fencing with wire cutters.
  • Lighting kerosene-soaked newspapers inside this "steel structure" and letting it burn for 20 minutes.
  • Observing that the heat didn’t weaken the "steel structure" (rabbit-fencing) of his "building."

Ipso facto — proof that burning jet fuel couldn’t have caused the collapse of the WTC towers!

Here’s his "steel structure" during the "experiment":

Now, that’s pretty damned funny. But wait! It gets even better! The aforementioned Instapinch referenced an earlier post of his in which we learn that this Spooked fella has his own blog with yet more experiments (these are from April 2006):

His particular belief is that no aircraft hit the World Trade Center Towers because there was no aircraft wreckage *outside* the building…or the aircraft should have bounced off….or the aircraft should have passed all the way thru, unscathed. ..or whatever.

So, he devised an experiment to prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that there was no way possible, scientifically proven, mind you, that 767 aircraft flew into the WTC.

I can’t do it justice by explaining it here….go have a read (this one first and then this one) and see the light, brothers and sisters!

Well, I’ll give you a taste of the first one, Wings Break Off:

I set up an experiment testing how a plane might break up upon impacting arrayed steel columns like the WTC wall. The plane and the columns were both constructed of similar pieces of wood (which here favors the plane, since in real life, aluminum is weaker than steel). …

I pushed the plane forcefully into the "wall", and while the fuselage penetrated the wall after reasonably strong force was applied, the wings broke off at the root where the wings met the plane. … A few "columns" broke where the fuselage went in, and a couple broke on either side of the fuselage hole, where the wings broke off– but basically the array of columns were much stronger than the long wings.

This means of course, that no 767 hit either WTC tower.

That’s pretty damned funny, too. But you really need to check out Wings Break Off (and the follow-up, Stronger Wings) for the comments! They are priceless! Here’s one of my favorites:

Anonymous said…

If we assume 9/11 was a massive psy-ops campaign, then we can assume that nothing about 9/11 is really as it seems.

If we assume you are actually a 12 point buck, we can legally shoot you in the chest with a shotgun and mount your head on our living room wall.

What a moron.

Lots more along the same lines. Believe me, you’ll laugh your ass off.

UPDATE: As for the darker side of moonbattery — if you haven’t already read about Jeff Goldstein’s problem with the psychology prof (soon to be unemployed) who gradually went completely psycho online and threatened his kid, check out this post for starters. Assuming he’s back for good — the site’s been mostly down for a couple of days due to DoS attacks. Coincidence?
UPDATE 2: More moonbat science!

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One Response to “Science from the reality-based community”

  1. april said

    Thanks, Combs. That was refreshing. I have a smile on my face right now. I love witty people ridiculing moonbattery.

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