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Sen. Stevens’ Generous Offer

Posted by Richard on October 21, 2005

I heard on the news that Sen. Stevens "threatened to resign" if Alaska’s "bridge to nowhere" gets cut. I think "threatened to resign" is an unfair characterization of the Senator’s generous offer. I prefer to think of it as promising to resign. And I hope the Senate takes him up on it immediately.

(Sorry, no links. I just have a few minutes on someone else’s computer. Knoxville is lovely today, but they’re forecasting rain and cooler temps for the next few days. Doggone it.)

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5 Responses to “Sen. Stevens’ Generous Offer”

  1. Evil Progressive said

    May he take Young with him on the way out… These two are costing the taxpayer way too much money.

  2. Jay Mullings said

    The Honorable Sen. Stevens;

    Please resign. After seeing you and don young legislate, i have to the conclusion your are both self serving parasites.

    your state has too many social problems that truly need addressed to give this money to your in/laws halburton or whatever company gave you a check last cycle.

    My wife and I recently inherited a few million dollars & will probably move to canada to spend it & retire.

    God you guys came off real real bad down here and pissed off a lot of repubs here. there are hunderds of elevated highways & bridges in need of remediation. Thousand of lives are at risk in PA NW ia a quake hit during rushours.

    see if you & the rest of congress can ID critical areas & the bring help from area not in need.

    this would be a jobs bill that would save live & make sense.

  3. Brian said

    Yes please resign please. Just stop spending money.

  4. Brian said

    But I am sure like all politicians, he won’t keep that promise either 😉

  5. Uncle Sam said

    Please resign Sire, you are a fake conservative.

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