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Shoulder shooters

Posted by Richard on July 7, 2005

Pam Meister points out an excellent column by Michael Bowers about Karl Rove and the "anti-victory" left. Bowers begins with an amazing anecdote:

Col. Charles Beckwith, founder of the Delta Force, tells a story about White House planning in April 1980 for the mission to rescue our 53 hostages in Tehran. Beckwith had visited the White House Situation Room to brief President Carter.

In the meeting, according to one writer, "Charlie mentioned that his Delta shooters would ‘take out’ the hostage guards.

"Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher looked over at Charlie, eyebrows raised. ‘Take them out,’ Colonel?"

Beckwith replied: "Yes, Mister Deputy Secretary. We’re going to double-tap ’em. Shoot ’em each in the head — twice."

Christopher protested: "Couldn’t you just shoot them in the shoulder or something?"

No, that’s not some airhead coed who wants to "teach kindergarten and work for world peace," that’s Warren effin’ Christopher. Deputy Attorney General in the Johnson administration, Deputy Secretary of State in the Carter administration, Secretary of State in the Clinton administration. One of the Democrats’ most respected (by Democrats) foreign policy experts and adviser to Democratic presidents and presidential candidates for nearly 40 years. Head of the 1991 commission responsible for reform of the LA Police Department (!).


Bowers argues that Christopher is representative of liberals and that Rove was right about their reaction to 9/11:

Liberals are livid, mainly because, secretly, they know Rove has them nailed. Their party in the past 60 years has a rich history of appeasement, defeatism, naivete, fear and weakness.

Liberals simply have not got the will to kill our mortal enemies. They just want to shoot them in the shoulder.

… For 70 years, they refused to take communism seriously. Now, they refuse to take terrorism seriously. They simply cannot believe our enemies mean us harm.

Thank God, George W. Bush knows better.

At the White House in 1980, a shocked Warren Christopher asked: "You mean you’re really going to shoot to kill? You really are?"

Yes, we really are. And for some Americans, it’s time to grow a spine.

I have plenty of complaints about Republicans in general and the Bush administration in particular. But, as long as there is a worldwide movement of bloodthirsty zealots who mean to conquer or destroy us, I want serious people in charge. The Warren Christophers of the world can’t be taken seriously. And a party that is dominated by the likes of Warren Christopher simply cannot be entrusted with protecting the country.

(HT: Brainster)

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