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Sign the censure petition

Posted by Richard on March 23, 2006

A Congressional censure resolution is an official expression of criticism and condemnation, a reprimand. Sometimes a president’s behavior deserves to be censured by the Congress in order to make it clear that the American people’s elected representatives disapprove of his actions.

Take President James Earl Carter — please!

Carter was a terrible president. He’s been an even worse ex-president. Carter never met a left-wing dictator or murderous thug whom he didn’t like. He lied and helped cover up Hugo Chavez’s massive election fraud, lending legitimacy to this Castro communist’s repressive regime. He’s seized every opportunity to criticize the United States and Israel throughout the world, while defending terrorists and schmoozing with our enemies.

Carter recently began speaking out in support of Hamas, a 7th-century gang of murderous, uncivilized barbarians. And his latest project? He’s working to block U.S.-led reform of the U.N. Human Rights Commission in order to ensure that it continues to be run by such human rights paragons as Cuba, Libya, the Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward wrote a WorldNetDaily column last week arguing that if Congress is going to censure a president, it ought to be Carter, not Bush. The response, she said, was a deluge of requests to actually launch a "Censure Carter" drive. So she did. is dedicated to petitioning Congress to censure America’s most prestigious apologist for terrorists. Check it out. Take a look at the bill of particulars against him, and then sign the petition.

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