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Sleazeball escapes justice

Posted by Richard on May 31, 2012

John Edwards, one of the slimiest people ever to grace the national stage, has dodged the long prison sentence he so richly deserved. Edwards amassed a fortune and single-handedly at least doubled the rate of C-sections in the United States by persuading carefully selected gullible jurors that virtually all birth defects are the fault of the delivering physician. In at least one trial, he channeled the voice of a dead fetus to the jury. Like I said, one of the slimiest.

Edwards parlayed a thousand-dollar haircut and a demagogic populist message into a Senate seat in 1998, the Democratic vice presidential nomination (as John Kerry’s running mate) in 2004, and serious presidential campaigns (complete with fawning media coverage) in 2004 and 2008.

Edwards’ recurring campaign theme was a stump speech about “two Americas.” Like some of his fellow Socialist Democrats (*cough* Obama), he was attempting to incite class warfare (and presaging the Occupy Wall Street movement). Like many others pursuing national office (*cough* Obama), he was clearly a narcissist attempting to acquire power via his personality and charisma.

Like many self-absorbed narcissists, he apparently considered himself exempt from the rules that governed ordinary mortals. So, while his wife was dying from cancer, he carried on an affair with Rielle Hunter and fathered her child. Then he used more than a million dollars from big campaign contributors to pay off Hunter and cover up the affair. He insisted the sums weren’t misused campaign contributions but “gifts.” R-i-i-ght.

Apparently, relying only on testimony of equally sleazy staff members like Andrew Young, and with Hunter and Edwards not taking the stand, the jury couldn’t agree whether this pile of crap was credible or not. So they acquitted on one charge and deadlocked on the others.

Too bad. I can’t think of too many people I’d rather see occupying a federal prison cell for the next two or three decades than John Edwards.

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One Response to “Sleazeball escapes justice”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    I can think of whole lot of people that should be occupying a Federal
    Prison cell, but it isnt going to happen for a simple reason. That reason is best expressed by Dr. Jeffrey Ryman of American University in Washington D.C. in “The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison”
    Dr. Ryman correctly describes the criminal justice system in this nation as just that; a CRIMINAL justice system that can be bought. He makes an excellent case for the definition of the acts of poor people as crimes and evil acts of the rich as mere “indiscretions”. He asked his students to, instead of designing a justice system that would
    reduce and prevent crime, to invent one that would create and maintain a visible class of criminals. This is what the class came up with.
    FIRST: It would be helpful to have a number of irrational laws on the books, such as laws against heroin, prostitution, and gambling.
    Laws that have no clear victim and don’t prevent the acts they make illegal.
    SECOND: It would be good to give police, prosecutors, and judges broad descretion to decide who got arrested, who got charged, and who got sentenced to prison.
    THIRD: The prison experience should be not only painful but also demeaning.
    FOURTH: It goes almost without saying that prisoners should neither be trained in a marketable skill nor provided with a job after release.
    FIFTH: The ex-offenders’ sense that he can never repay his debt to society should be reinforced be every means possible.

    In short, asked to design a system that would maintain a visible class of criminals the class “constructed” the American criminal justice system.

    I maintain that sweeping reform backed if necessary by force is the only solution to the problem of money causing lack of justice for the
    Edwards of the world.

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