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Stuck on stupid

Posted by Richard on September 21, 2005

Lt. Gen. Honore has coined the catch-phrase of the year, and it’s spreading like wildfire:

"Don’t get stuck on stupid"

Radio Blogger has the whole transcript. The general basically seized control of a press conference from a floundering Mayor Nagin. And the general is a pistol — here’s an earlier snippet:

… There are buses there. Is that clear to you? Buses parked. There are 4,000 troops there. People come, they get on a bus, they get on a truck, they move on. Is that clear? Is that clear to the public?

Female reporter: Where do they move on…

Honore: That’s not your business.

Male reporter: But General, that didn’t work the first time…

Honore: Wait a minute. It didn’t work the first time. This ain’t the first time. Okay? … You got good public servants working through it. Let’s get a little trust here, because you’re starting to act like this is your problem. You are carrying the message, okay?

Wow, now that’s putting the reporters in their place!

Will Collier says the audio (also at Radio Blogger) is even better than the transcript, but I’ll take his word at this hour. One of Will’s commenters wants the phrase on a bumper sticker. I suspect that will happen shortly.

Honore has a way with words. I liked this phrase, too: "But let’s not confuse the questions with the answers."  

Stuck on stupid. You’re going to hear that a lot, I suspect.

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3 Responses to “Stuck on stupid”

  1. Brad Warbiany said


    I’ve tossed up a “Don’t get stuck on stupid” bumper sticker on my cafepress store… More info at:

  2. leftbrainfemale said

    Just adding my own version of the DGSOS Tee!

  3. Anonymous said

    OK, neither of you managed to make a live link (click on that “help on wiki syntax” link next time) and you both even typo’d them, so just this once I’ll fix them for you. 🙂

    For Brad’s bumper sticker:

    Don’t get stuck on stupid – bumper sticker

    For LBF’s t-shirt:

    [ Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid Tee]

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