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Commie murderer rewrites history

Posted by Richard on July 5, 2008

Walter in Denver noticed that Fidel Castro hypocritically jumped aboard the international bandwagon of praise and celebration over the Colombian military's daring rescue of hostages from the communist guerilla group FARC. The most contemptible lie in Castro's disgusting and mendacious statement is this:

In Cuba, we won our revolutionary war by granting immediate and unconditional freedom to our prisoners. We turned over to the International Red Cross all soldiers and officers captured in each battle, keeping only their weapons.

Walter skewered that one perfectly:

Shameless. I suppose it's possible that he is getting senile, and forgotten the hundreds he executed before firing squads. He may have also lost his memory of the political prisoners kept for so long they are called los olvidados, the forgotten. Perhaps literally forgotten by Castro, now?

Sadly, it appears Fidel will die of old age and avoid the firing squad himself. In the meantime he's still trying to fool people, to hide the fact that the brutal FARC is his direct ideological and moral heir.

Damn right. And what could demonstrate that more clearly than the fact that Colombian soldiers involved in the rescue disguised themselves as commie guerillas by wearing Che T-shirts? That news cracked me up.

I have a Che T-shirt, too, but I don't think it's the one the hostage rescuers were wearing.

Murdering Communist Bastard
Click the shirt to buy your own. 

 UPDATE: Via channels I can't disclose, I've received a partial transcript of a recording made of the FARC guerillas just after they reached the disguised Colombian army helicopters. Here's an excerpt (translated): 

"Commandante, I have a bad feeling about this. Are you sure these people are OK?" 

"Relax, Pablo! Look at the T-shirts they're wearing! They're either fellow revolutionaries or American college students." 

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