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A grim anniversary

Posted by Richard on January 1, 2009

I almost forgot that this January 1 is a grim anniversary. Investor's Business Daily remembered (emphasis added):

New Year's Day marks 50 years of communist rule in Cuba. The Castro oligarchy will trumpet its survival and celebrate. But the reality, up close, is that it's the longest-running failure in the New World.

Spare us the fireworks and media-parroted claims of Fidel Castro's dictatorship bringing universal health care and education to Cuba. The real story is that a prosperous Cuba was turned into ruins in just five decades.

Its inflation-adjusted gross domestic product is a mere 5% of what it was in 1958, the year before Castro took over, according to Jorge Salazar-Carillo of Florida International University.

"It's a major failure," Carmelo Mesa-Lago, a University of Pittsburgh economist, told IBD. "Cuba … now imports 84% of its food. Cuba produced 7 million tons of sugar in 1952. This year, it's 1.5 million tons. This is the result of economic policy of collectivization, killing of individual incentive, inefficiency, constant changes of policy."

As usual, the essential source for all things Cuban is Babalu Blog, so just hit that home page and keep scrolling — lots of analyses of how the mainstream media have been covering the story. 

But let me call your attention in particular to this post by Humberto: 

"Cuban mothers let me assure you that I will solve all Cuba's problems without spilling a drop of blood." Upon entering Havana on January 7, 1959, Cuba's new leader Fidel Castro broadcast that promise into a phalanx of microphones. As the jubilant crowd erupted with joy, Castro continued. “Cuban mothers let me assure you that because of me you will never have to cry."

The following day, just below San Juan Hill in eastern Cuba, a bulldozer rumbled to a start, clanked into position, and started pushing dirt into a huge pit with blood pooling at the bottom from the still-twitching bodies of more than a hundred men and boys who'd been machine-gunned without trial on the Castro brothers' orders. Their wives and mothers wept hysterically from a nearby road.

On that very day, the U.K. Observer ran the following headline: "Mr Castro's bearded, youthful figure has become a symbol of Latin America's rejection of brutality and lying. Every sign is that he will reject personal rule and violence."

A grim reminder of what these monsters — and their apologists — are really like. RTWT.

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Commie murderer rewrites history

Posted by Richard on July 5, 2008

Walter in Denver noticed that Fidel Castro hypocritically jumped aboard the international bandwagon of praise and celebration over the Colombian military's daring rescue of hostages from the communist guerilla group FARC. The most contemptible lie in Castro's disgusting and mendacious statement is this:

In Cuba, we won our revolutionary war by granting immediate and unconditional freedom to our prisoners. We turned over to the International Red Cross all soldiers and officers captured in each battle, keeping only their weapons.

Walter skewered that one perfectly:

Shameless. I suppose it's possible that he is getting senile, and forgotten the hundreds he executed before firing squads. He may have also lost his memory of the political prisoners kept for so long they are called los olvidados, the forgotten. Perhaps literally forgotten by Castro, now?

Sadly, it appears Fidel will die of old age and avoid the firing squad himself. In the meantime he's still trying to fool people, to hide the fact that the brutal FARC is his direct ideological and moral heir.

Damn right. And what could demonstrate that more clearly than the fact that Colombian soldiers involved in the rescue disguised themselves as commie guerillas by wearing Che T-shirts? That news cracked me up.

I have a Che T-shirt, too, but I don't think it's the one the hostage rescuers were wearing.

Murdering Communist Bastard
Click the shirt to buy your own. 

 UPDATE: Via channels I can't disclose, I've received a partial transcript of a recording made of the FARC guerillas just after they reached the disguised Colombian army helicopters. Here's an excerpt (translated): 

"Commandante, I have a bad feeling about this. Are you sure these people are OK?" 

"Relax, Pablo! Look at the T-shirts they're wearing! They're either fellow revolutionaries or American college students." 

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