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Posted by Richard on January 3, 2009

 Two quotes for today (both from a Late Late Show rerun):

I took a test to be an American. What did you do?
      — Craig Ferguson

It's so cold I saw Al Gore burning tires.
      — Larry the Cable Guy

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The party of pre-Americans

Posted by Richard on December 17, 2008

In what I would describe as a Very Important Post, Daffyd pleaded with the Republican Party to reject the "Tancredistas" and become the "party of pre-Americans" (emphasis in original):

I conclude that the Republican Party cannot survive as "the native-born American party." We have no option but to reach out to all those immigrants and children of immigrants who come here because they love America and what she stands for. Instead of discouraging or even stopping immigration, we must encourage it — but only by the right people, those who come here anxious to assimilate, who already believe in American values, no matter where they were born. We need more, not less, immigration by folks who were already American in their hearts long before they immigrated here. I call such folks "pre-Americans." If we don't want to repeat the same mistake with the rising population of Hispanics that we made with blacks, the Republican Party must become the party of pre-Americans.


There is no need to compromise on the fundamental requirement of controlling our borders; but we must finally recognize that most illegal immigrants are not "criminals," not in the commonly understood sense of a convenience-store robber or a carjacker. Most are simply responding irrationally to an irrational and unjust immigration system. Correct the system — which we should do anyway for our own reasons — and we'll see a huge drop in illegal entries, as those pre-Americans who rationally should be admitted are allowed in legally.

But it is important to show sympathy and support for those "huddled masses yearning to breath free" who desperately desire to become real Americans — those that already have the distinctive American values and virtues. Instead of talking about a moratorium on immigration (which comes across as "There are too many of your sort here already"), we must say, in essence, "While it's important to enforce our territorial integrity, we understand that many folks see America as a 'shining city on a hill,' and we'll do everything in our party's power to open the gates to all those who are truly American at heart… no matter where they were born."

Then actually do it.

Read. The. Whole. Thing. Please!


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Posted by Richard on May 25, 2007

According to a new Rasmussen survey of American voters, only 26% support passage of the bipartisan immigration bill currently being debated in the Senate. But that's OK, say many Washington insiders and media experts — 26% is a solid base to build on, and the fact that so many people don't like the bill at this stage is a virtue. Lots of people are undecided or just don't yet understand the bill. As they become more educated about the issue, that 26% will grow.

Coincidentally, 26% just happens to be the percentage of young American Muslims who support suicide bombings in defense of Islam. In this case, though, the media experts think that the 26% are  trivial and unimportant. We should focus on the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are assimilated and don't want to subjugate or kill us infidels.

Meanwhile, the Wahhabists who, with Saudi support, fill American mosques and schools with extreme Islamist literature and teachings are noting with satisfaction that 26% is a solid base to build on. Younger Muslims are much more radical than older ones, they no doubt note, and lots of young American Muslims just don't yet understand their obligation to spread Islam and extend the ummah. As they become more educated about jihad, that 26% will grow.

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Aztlan? Tejanos?

Posted by Richard on April 11, 2006

Apparently, most immigration rally organizers realized what a public relations disaster all those Mexican flags last week were. For today’s rallies, the word went out over the Spanish radio and TV stations to carry American flags instead, and in most places they apparently did:

Atlanta police estimated at least 50,000 people joined a two-mile march from a largely immigrant neighborhood Monday morning.

Unlike earlier protests in Los Angeles and other cities when protestors waved flags from Mexico and other countries, activists Monday around the country waved American flags, an obvious response to criticism that illegal immigrants aren’t interested in assimilating into American culture and have no allegiance to this nation.

The obvious exception was LA — a video clip from there showed mostly Mexican flags. The radical group MEChA and the Aztlan movement are powerful in Southern California, and their aim sure ain’t assimilation (see map on left).

MEChA and its allies want to drive out all the gringos (I suppose blacks and Asians are included) and reclaim the southwestern U.S. They dream of some kind of restored Aztec Empire — I don’t know if they’re planning to bring back the blood sacrifices.

In Dallas, by contrast, there was a sea of American flags, and the demonstrators sang "God Bless America!"

But that display of patriotism didn’t stop the Texas Democratic Party from putting their own odd map on their poster (right).

What’s the Spanish word for "pandering"?

(HT: Michelle Malkin via But That’s Just My Opinion.)

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