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Train bashing

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2007

Reason #347 why driving my SUV is better than mass transit: Last night's Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash at the Celtic Tavern was just a few blocks from the Union Station light rail stop, so I told myself taking the train would be reasonably convenient and safer than risking a DUI on the way home. Well, the latter was probably true.

I live about half a mile from the Broadway & I-25 station. I got about two-thirds of the way there when the thundershower hit and I had to seek shelter. Fifteen minutes later, I was able to continue.

The train I wanted sat at the station as I worked at getting the ticket machine to accept my dollar bills (an RTD light rail ticket is just about the only thing I can think of that can't be bought by scanning a debit or credit card). It continued to sit as I sprinted toward it, teasing me to within twenty feet before pulling away.

When I finally got to Union Station, it was raining cats and dogs. I waited there for twenty or thirty minutes until it slowed to a light drizzle, and then headed out with alacrity. I was almost at my destination when I realized it wasn't my destination.

In a senior moment, I'd headed for an Irish pub I'd been to in the past, Fadó, instead of the Celtic Tavern. A mere three or four block detour.

All of which explains why I was much more than the seven seconds late that I'd promised.  

Nevertheless, the evening was delightful, with lots of good conversation, and the trip home about one-ish was slow but uneventful (albeit a wee bit hazy). Even the food and service were quite good. I had just one question: How the heck can you run a place called the Celtic Tavern and not serve Guinness and Harp?

The Murphy's Irish Stout was a tolerable substitute, but no Guinness. 

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