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Slate: missing airliner may have been hijacked to Uyghur heartland

Posted by Richard on March 15, 2014

In a Slate article this morning, Jeff Wise presented evidence suggesting that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 may have been hijacked and flown to somewhere near the border of Kyrgyzstan and the Chinese province of Xingiang. He noted that:

A violent separatist Uyghur separatist [sic] movement is active in that area. Two weeks ago, eight knife-wielding Uyghur separatists attacked passengers at a train station in Xinjiang, killing 29 people. According to its manifest, 153 of the 227 passengers aboard MH370 are Chinese.

He failed to provide any information about the Uyghurs (a.k.a. Uighurs) beyond their separatism, so I’ll fill in the blank for you. At least some of them are radical Islamists.

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