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Stormtrooper ziplining

Posted by Richard on July 27, 2019

I believe this is the longest zipline in Colorado, on the Animas River near Durango.

Shoot straight he does not.
Zipline well he does.


Stormtrooper Zip line from Hank Blum Photography on Vimeo.


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A 3000-pound go-anywhere motorcycle

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2018

This season, Guns & Ammo TV (on the Sportsman Channel) has a new feature highlighting some of the cool military toys you can play with at The episode I watched the other night showcased a unique German WWII motorcycle called the Kettenkrad. Check it out.

As I watched, I wondered about the name. “Ketten” means chain or track, and “rad” means wheel or bike (“fahrrad” is bicycle), but the extra k in there made no sense to me. I’ve forgotten a lot of my German, so I thought maybe I was just missing something. But no, it turns out that “Kettenkrad” is actually short for “Kettenkraftrad,” which is best translated as “tracked motorcycle.”

If that video makes you want to drive one, you need to head to the Ox Ranch in the Texas Hill Country, the home of The Kettenkrad is just one of many adult toys you can drive and shoot there — for a price.

If you’d like to own one … well, that’s really going to cost you. In 2016, the asking price for this fully restored Kettenkrad was 120,000 Euros.

But wouldn’t it be cool to head up some ATV trail on one of those?

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