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The Eurabian Insurgency

Posted by Richard on November 9, 2005

If you’re interested in what’s been going on in France, you’ve probably already figured out that the mainstream media aren’t providing a very clear or complete picture. They tend to ignore, for instance, the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish incidents, including the burning of churches and the beating and stoning of Jews. Heck, for the most part, the media are still portraying the rioters as disaffected, unemployed youths essentially rioting for economic reasons. You’ll also find scant mention that the insurgency is spreading to Belgium and Germany.

The blogosphere provides a different picture. One good source of information is ¡No Pasaràn! — just follow that link to the main page and start reading. But I’ll single out this post:

If you think that French media are downplaying the extent of the actual violence and damage, you are right. Quite a bit of hard news is not being reported both by design and by the circumstances on the ground. State TV has already decided to stop repeating the number of cars burned every day and film crews (particularly white French film crews) are being chased from the suburbs after having their vehicles and equipment torched. The only journalists currently operating freely and without armed escort are from Algerian newspapers (El Watan has been cited as an example).

Callers on talk radio are starting to reveal what MSM is censuring: the racist, Islamist nature of the ongoing uprising.

Read the whole thing. Then there’s this post, which quotes (in translation) this description of one of the "corner-store jihadists" who’s instigating and coordinating the riots:

«His dream?: the revolution to destroy democracy, and to establish on the ruins of the west a totalitarian Islamic regime. His revolutionary zeal and his deliriously obscure references attracted the friendship of Nouari Khiari:
"Allah will help the Muslims eliminate the gangrenous Zionist, the spreader of evil the day when NS will be ready to sacrifice our lives for an ideal of justice which is Islam"
"my objective, inshaAllah, is to finally finish off the highest in the hierarchy with richness and power which I could assemble from the work of the (muslim) community and to advance it. Projects I have of it already have on my mind."»

Go read Mark Steyn’s column, too:

Some of us believe this is an early skirmish in the Eurabian civil war. If the insurgents emerge emboldened, what next? In five years’ time, there will be even more of them, and even less resolve on the part of the French state.

Kentucky Dan provides a good overview, with dramatic illustrations, of France in Flames.  

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