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The nature of the “Palestinian cause”

Posted by Richard on February 23, 2006

It’s been a while since I visited Solomonia, and that was a mistake. Sol is yet another long-time liberal who "began to have ‘second thoughts’" largely as a consequence of Sept. 11. His blog is worth regular visits for anyone concerned about the war against Islamofascism. Just yesterday, he had two interesting short posts that offer revealing glimpses of the "Palestinian cause."

The  first post shows you the Flash animation that adorns Hamas’ Al-Qasam Brigades website. It depicts a Star of David being obliterated by a mushroom cloud. The name of the file, according to a commenter, probably translates as "annihilation."

The second post links to two reports that provide information about the activities of Ahmad Abu Laban, the Palestinian-Danish Imam who instigated (with the help of three fake cartoons) the "comic jihad," and his followers. The Imam urged his congregation to give their lives in jihad. These charming people dressed their kids as suicide bombers, burned the Israeli flag, and cheered the murder of Theo van Gogh. But we’re supposed to avoid offending them.

There are many more fine posts, mostly short and to the point, and mostly — but not exclusively — about the Islamofascists. For a nice chuckle, check out Jihad Joe. You might want to bookmark Solomonia. I’m going to blogroll it.

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