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The outrageous persecution of the Reese family

Posted by Richard on June 24, 2012

In the suddenly newsworthy Operation Fast and Furious, federal law enforcement agents pressured gun dealers into selling over 2,000 guns to straw purchasers and then let the guns “walk” into the hands of the Mexican narcoterrorist cartels. BATFE Phoenix Bureau Chief Bill Newell oversaw the operation. What’s he been doing since?

Well, for one thing, he’s been helping the Homeland Security Investigations agency prosecute — no, persecute — Rick and Terri Reese and their sons, Ryin and Remington. The Reeses own a gun store in Deming, NM. They’re accused of selling 30 guns to straw purchasers.

But here’s where it starts to get outrageous: The case began when Terri Reese alerted law enforcement that she was suspicious of one of their customers, Penny Torres. Torres was arrested and persuaded, presumably with a promise of leniency, to testify against the Reeses!

And then it gets more outrageous: The Reeses were denied bail because the feds argued that they might precipitate a Ruby-Ridge-like incident. You see, the feds found guns in their home and business (imagine that, gun dealers with guns). And they’re involved with a local Tea Party group — clear proof that they’re dangerous anti-government extremists. In March, Terri Reese was finally granted bail after six months in jail. But her husband and sons are still imprisoned.

It gets still more outrageous. Read Jeff Knox’s account of the whole sordid story. It’s not the Reeses who should be in jail.

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