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The worst beverage idea in the world

Posted by Richard on November 29, 2018

I’ve always thought that “near beer” and decaf coffee were the dumbest ideas for beverages, but I was wrong. That distinction has to go to alcohol-free whisky. And vodka, gin, rum, brandy, … well, the folks at ArKay Beverages have a whole slew of alcohol-free liquors. And they assure us that every one of them tastes just like the real thing. Yeah, right.

Let’s see, I can spend $40 for a bottle of what I’m sure is the Velveeta of whisk(e)ys or I can spend about $22 for a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Decisions, decisions… Yeah, I’m going with the Buffalo Trace.

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3 Responses to “The worst beverage idea in the world”

  1. Rick SHultz said

    A very good choice. Personally I cannot stand bourbon, but if I HAD to drink it, then Buffalo would probably be MY choice. Fortunately Scotland is not about to run out of single malt whiskey any time soon.
    God bless Glenlivet. And it’s still only about 24 dollars a bottle in some places.

    • Richard said

      Seriously? Tennessee liquor taxes must be much lower than Colorado’s. Glenlivet is about $33 for a 750 ml bottle here.

      I like both bourbon and single-malt scotch, generally preferring the latter. As far as cheap single malts go, I think Lismore is pretty decent. I like Macallen and Balvenie, among others. My absolute favorite is Caol Ila, but at ~$70 a bottle I don’t indulge in it often. Lately, I’ve come to like (tolerate?) another Islay whisky, Laphroigh, which a local store has had on sale for about $40. But it’s for hard-core single-malt fans only. You have to like lots of peatiness mixed with a dollop of seaweed and iodine. 🙂

      • Rick Shultz said

        Yeah, I know the price on Glenlivet sounds bit unbelievable, but there are a FEW places where it isn’t too expensive. We don’t see Balvenie or Caol Ila around here at ALL and not very MUCH Macallen. You DO see Laphroigh but it’s pretty expensive. What you seem to see here are a lot of lowland scotches like Glenfiddich and Glenfarclas. I don’t think I’m what you would call hardcore. I can live without seeing a ring of peat smoke sitting on top of the stuff. :=)

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