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Three goodies at Wienerville

Posted by Richard on February 24, 2006

I dropped by Wienerville for the first time in a while. Bert’s even less prolific than I am, so it’s not like you have to check for updates twice a day. But he’s been on a roll, and I was glad I stopped by for three reasons. First, there’s the new (to me, at least) Wienerville tag line, which may be one of the best tag lines ever:

Jesus saves. Moses invests. Mohammed plunders.

Second, there’s Bert’s post about a car running into his house (two feet from the gas line and seven feet from his head). Bert blogged it in real time; at one point, his blogging was interrupted by cops at the door seeking a statement. The driver seems to have had some "issues":

… By now a bunch of neighbors were out, calling 911 and gawking. The kid was out of the car, healthy, and I could tell he wanted to run. I crowded him and told him he wasn’t smashing into my house and running. The guy from across the street helped. Then the kid tried to make a break for it and we, plus my next-door neighbor (whose house took the brunt of the blow) restrained the kid. …

Bert found a CD, apparently ejected from the vehicle, that sounds, um, interesting. I’ll let you go read about it.

And third, there’s Bert’s pointer to the Muslim Offense Level, which he accurately described as "like the Terrorist Threat Level but even funnier." It’s explained in this post at The Religious Policeman, a blog that I hadn’t seen before. It’s by Alhamedi Alanezi, a Saudi living in London, who seems to be very interesting, literate, and funny. On January 29, he raised the Muslim Offense Level to High (Highly Offended) due to the Danish cartoons. Here’s his description for that level:

Meaning – We are extremely offended by a particular individual or country
Non-Muslim response – That individual or country must apologize
Consequence of non-compliance – Individual; Fatwa, assassination, or both. Country; Boycott (unless you export things the Saudi Royal Family are consumers of), and Saudi newspapers write a long string of boring and repetitive articles that you will never read but will drive Saudi readers to distraction.

To give you more of an idea of Alhamedi’s sense of humor, here are some emoticons he came up with:

Muhammad (((:~{>

Muhammad playing Little Orphan Annie (((8~{>

Muhammad as a pirate (((P~{>

Muhammad on a bad turban day ))):~{>

Muhammad with sand in his eye (((;~{>

Muhammad wearing sunglasses (((B~{>

Muhammad giving the raspberry. (((:~{P>

Giving Muhammad the raspberry. ;-P

Alhamedi then asked an imam if they were blasphemous. Yeah, I’m going to make you go find the answer for yourself. Great stuff.

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