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Time for another Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash

Posted by Richard on July 5, 2012

Rocky Mountain Blogger BashThis one’s in celebration of Zombyboy’s return to blogging, so it’s also known as the Zomby Bash. The RMBB numbering scheme (such as it was) fell apart a couple or three bashes ago. Jed has proposed that this one be sqrt(e), which is a transcendental number. I don’t know if it’s possible for a Blogger Bash to be transcendental. And the decimal approximation 1.6487 just doesn’t seem right. Oh, well … what counts is the when and where, right?

When: July 21, 7 PM (or thereabouts)

Where: The Old Mill Brewery, 5798 South Rapp Street, Littleton, CO (nice place, good food, good beer, private room, convenient to light rail)

Zombyboy will no doubt update this post with the promised details, links, and graphics. When he does, I’ll rip off the latter.  — whoa, he’s already done so!

Mark your calendar and drop him a comment about how you can’t wait to be there. Ask him if he’s going to be buying shots. 🙂

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