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Unspeakable evil

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2006

I finally got around to checking out the voting results for last week’s Watcher’s Council nominees, and I’m glad to see that the neo-neocon post that I recommended was the top non-council vote-getter. If you haven’t checked it out, do so — and be sure to look at some of the fascinating comments.

You also simply have to go read Dymphna’s winning council entry at the Gates of Vienna. It’s the latest installment in the story of one Indonesian slave guest worker in Saudi Arabia:

I wasn’t going to post on Nour Miyati’s suffering again. I swore I wouldn’t. Maybe I thought if I didn’t put up anything, then it would all just go away. However, being an ostrich has real limits. And if we aren’t at least willing to bear witness to another’s agony, then do we have the right to speak at all?

What the Saudis have done, what they have permitted to be done, to Ms. Miyati is so inhumane that it almost beggars description.

I can’t begin to do the story of Nour Miyati justice by quoting excerpts; go read the whole thing.

The Saudi culture is so depraved, disgusting, and unspeakably evil that one is tempted to call for nukes to turn the entire Arabian peninsula into a sheet of glass.

At a minimum, as Dymphna notes, decent people simply have to express their outrage when Harvard and Georgetown accept millions in Saudi slaveholder money for future whitewashing of Saudi Wahhabism, when Barbara Walters conducts a fawning interview with the head of the slavery-supporting Saudi royal family, and when the President of the United States has his picture taken holding hands with such contemptible 7th-century barbarians.

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