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Victory at Ground Zero

Posted by Richard on September 29, 2005

If you’ve clicked Take Back the Memorial in my right sidebar and been outraged by the anti-American multi-culturalists plans for an "International Freedom Center" at Ground Zero, there’s good news tonight. Michelle Malkin has the story and links to more info:

After a valiant, hard-fought battle, 9/11 family member Debra Burlingame and countless other Americans who joined her have won the battle to protect Ground Zero from the Blame America crowd. For now. Kudos to everyone who wrote, called, and blogged their outrage since Burlingame blew the whistle in June and refused to relent. Via Bloomberg News:

Governor George Pataki said today he will direct development officials to drop plans for a museum of freedom at the World Trade Center site, saying it has stirred “too much opposition, too much controversy.”

What’s more than a bit disturbing to me is that it took
Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to the IFC before Rudy Giuliani and Gov Pataki finally drove the final (we hope) nail into the Ground Zero guilt complex. But better late than never.

Wow, I missed that news about Hillary. I wasn’t surprised by Giuliani’s and Pataki’s gutlessness in this whole affair. Disappointed by Giuliani, but not surprised.

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