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Vodka and Democrats for breakfast

Posted by Richard on August 19, 2007

Did you know the Democrats were holding a presidential debate this morning? Neither did I. But the intrepid Stephen Green knew, and he's always ready to make whatever sacrifice of sobriety is necessary for his many loyal readers, so he drunkblogged it. At least he had the decency to switch from martinis to Bloody Marys.

I wouldn't have watched the debate on a bet, but I'm glad I caught the Vodkapundit synopsis, which is both enlightening and a marvelous read. There are funnier parts, but I found this six-minute Iraq segment interesting:

9:29am Democratic voters want to know, "When are we getting out of Iraq?" according to George S [Stephanopoulos, the moderator]. Biden has a new ad, saying that we've got to get out "in a way that doesn't require sending their grandsons back" there in 30 years. Meanwhile, Richardson is arguing for a "full" retreat of every single soldier. "All of the troops out, no residual forces." Now that is what I call a surrender strategy.

9:30am Biden is now answering the Iraq question, and he's the only person in the room — audience included — who sounds like a grown-up.

9:32am Hillary just admitted that, in her role on the Armed Forces Committee, she's been leaning on the Pentagon to start planning her big Iraq Retreat. That's what the enemy needs to hear.

9:33am Except now she's saying that "Joe [Biden] is right." Well — which is it?

9:34am "This is American imperialism we're hearing up here," says Gravel about Hillary and Biden. If that's imperialism, then my three Bloody Marys are examples of sobriety.

9:35am Edwards is still angry. Given the time of day, I suggest he switch to decaf. I can't hear him over the anger, but I can barely see him past the glare of his smile. It's a distracting, not to say nearly impossible, combination.

By all means, read the whole thing. When the talk turned to education and economics, it got simultaneously scary and funny, which attests to Green's great drunkblogging ability. And don't miss his wrap-up, where he offered short and sweet assessments of each of the contenders, and concluded:

Weak field. And while this isn't a prediction, I think the Republicans could (and just might) do worse than a Clinton-Biden ticket.

My first reaction was that Green finally succumbed to the Bloody Marys and misspoke (I mean, mistyped). Surely, he meant the Democrats could do worse than a Clinton-Biden ticket? 

But after thinking about it, I'm not sure. Could the Republicans do worse than a Clinton-Biden ticket? Well, I've learned never to underestimate the Republicans' knack for doing something stupid and self-destructive at the worst possible time. What about it, Stephen — did you mean it the way you wrote it?

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2 Responses to “Vodka and Democrats for breakfast”

  1. Stephen Green said

    Yep, I wrote it how I meant it.

  2. rgcombs said

    It’s probably best not to speculate too much about how the GOP could do so. But Bob Dole is too old, and that other war-hero senator is fading fast. 🙂 And I can’t imagine a Kansas-Arkansas ticket. Denny Hastert isn’t considering a run, is he?

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