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“We Con the World” is back on YouTube

Posted by Richard on July 10, 2010

The Flotilla Choir's marvelous "We Are the World" parody about "peaceful travelers" with guns and knives who just want to bring Gaza "some cheese and missiles for the kids" is once again available on YouTube. But why leave Combs Spouts Off? You can watch it right here.

This is a slightly different version, with some minor lyric changes (mostly improvements). And it includes more video clips of the "humanitarians" attacking the Israeli soldiers boarding their ship. 

YouTube removed the video about a month ago and apparently restored it three days ago (judging from the comments). I guess the anti-Israelis running Warner Music and/or YouTube finally gave up on their ludicrous copyright infringement story. If song parodies constituted copyright infringement, Weird Al Yankovic would be selling tires or something.

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