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What’s that smell? Cordite!

Posted by Richard on November 12, 2005

Gullyborg put together a special Veterans Day Carnival of Cordite this week, and you really should check it out (after you complete the reading assignments I gave you earlier). In honor of our veterans, he began with a collection of posts about military weapons and veterans themselves.

There are also lots of posts about the gun ban that San Francisco voters approved this past week. Ironically, the deadline for turning in handguns is next April Fool’s Day. Gullyborg floated an idea for getting red-staters to help out San Francisco gun owners:

We need to put together a "Red State Gun Holder System" for those stuck in S.F. to send their firearms to an adoptive "parent" in a gun-friendly red state come April First, until this matter is settled in court.  One of us would hold your guns for you and keep them safe while lawyers fight for your rights in court.  No turn ins.  No surrendering.  We’ll look out for you and your property.  And we’ll ship them back to you when A) the law is overturned, or B) you move.

There’s much more in the legal/political section — posts about the situation in France and the right to bear arms, Alito, the lies and distortions of the Brady Campaign, the Tennessee school shooting, and criminal safe zones, for starters. And then it’s on to range reports, hunting reports, and pictures of cool guns! Go look — you know you want to!

UPDATE: Did you click the link to Silly String? Do it now — you’ll love it. Yankee ingenuity and cans of silly string are saving lives in combat! The pictures demonstrate how.

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