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A German pope reforms Catholicism

Posted by Richard on August 13, 2005

I’m not Catholic, but I am of Germanic heritage. So I just have to link to Professor Bainbridge’s presentation of how a German pope might reform Catholicism. Priceless. The good professor thinks posting this will cost him additional time in Purgatory. I’m glad he was willing to make the sacrifice for us.  

(HT: Ann Althouse, guest-blogging at Instapundit)

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4 Responses to “A German pope reforms Catholicism”

  1. Rafael said

    I think that this is as funny as if someone looking at your mom commented to you: “Look at the tits and ass on her, would I love to get a piece of that”. How you reacted to that statement would tell me a lot about you…

  2. VRB said

    If you saw only the last photo, you might think the Pope’s from Philly.

  3. Anonymous said

    Rafael: My sympathies on having lost your sense of humor. I hope you find it again. From what I read of Cardinal Ratzinger (before he became Benedict XVI), I’m certain ”’he”’ would be amused by those pictures, even if you’re not.

    VRB: Yeah, but there’d be mustard on the pretzel, right?

  4. VRB said


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