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Sucked into a Heinlein book

Posted by Richard on August 16, 2005

Curse you, Eric Cowperthwaite!

Less than a week has passed since I challenged Zombyboy’s ill-informed opinions on which Heinlein novel is the best. So I’ve still got thoughts of Heinlein fresh in my mind. Including my observations that Heinlein’s short stories are better than his novels and that his future history series is awesome.

So what does Eric do? He sucks me in with Heinlein on Private Space Flight, in which he discusses two of Heinlein’s future history stories, The Man Who Sold the Moon and Requiem. And he encourages his fellow LLP bloggers to comment on three themes from these stories.

So what do I do? Well, it’s been decades since I read those stories. I can’t just start writing. I need to refresh my recollection of them, perhaps put them in context, and look for an idea or hook. So, of course, I go get my ancient hardcover copy of The Past Through Tomorrow, a 667-page compilation of much of the future history series, presented chronologically. Just a little reading to get the feel and refresh my memory.

Hmm, Eric discussed Heinlein’s view of risk-taking for the sake of progress. IIRC, Blowups Happen fits that theme. So does The Roads Must Roll.

And I don’t remember Delilah and the Space Rigger or Space Jockey, but they’re both short.

Oh, The Long Watch — talk about personal choices that create risk! The Green Hills of Earth is a further exploration of that theme — and besides, I really enjoy Heinlein’s doggerel/poetry.

And right after that comes Logic of Empire — I really need to refresh my memory of that one. And Misfit, too!

Did I curse you, Eric? Forget that. Thank you! I don’t do nearly enough reading for pleasure anymore. And I’ve been having a wonderful time rereading those 60-year-old stories, some of which I haven’t read in 35+ years.

I can blog later.

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One Response to “Sucked into a Heinlein book”

  1. Eric said

    Heh, glad I could help!

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