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Alinskying Obama

Posted by Richard on February 4, 2013

By now, you’ve probably seen the picture released by the White House of the President allegedly skeet shooting. Did you know that the White House has strict rules limiting how such official photos can be used and prohibits altering them in any way? Of course, this edict has failed to deter countless wielders of PhotoShop. Resistor in the Rockies, citing Rule #5 from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (“Ridicule is Man’s Most Potent Weapon”), has collected a ton of them. Prepare to ROTFL.

Carl Bussjaeger has some, too, along with a good analysis of the original White House photo. His conclusion, which I find persuasive, is that it’s a fake. Obama may have posed with the shotgun on his shoulder, but the smoke plumes were PhotoShopped in afterwards to make it look like he was firing. Steve Sheldon, a “lifelong shotgunner,” came to the same conclusion. The administration is just trying to persuade the bitter clingers and other rubes that Obama isn’t really anti-gun, despite a political lifetime of statements and actions to the contrary.

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4 Responses to “Alinskying Obama”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Bussjaeger and Sheldon are both right. As a lifelong shooter, it’s my considered opinion Odumbo did not fire that beautiful shotgun either. If he fired it I’ll eat it. And even though it’s a Browning, I’ll have Benelli sauce on that lower barrel please.

  2. Rick Shultz said

    P.S. Laughed my 61 year old ass off at some of those pics.

  3. Billll said

    I was wondering myself as the barrels are ported on both sides, yet port smoke on far side only. The bore reduction sleeve on only one barrel just screams photo-op.

    • Rick Shultz said

      Despite the obvious mistakes and misalignments and other things, I still got flack from some Obama fans when I posted that the pic had been Photoshopped and BADLY Photoshopped at that. I shut them up pretty quickly however. Every digital camera produces a file called a metafile that goes along with each image it captures that contains data that among other things will tell someone who knows how to read that data and has the software to do it whether or not the pic has been altered with any type of software, not just Photoshop. It’s called efix data and when the exact date, time, and name of the person to whom the copy of Photoshop that was used was registered got posted, the silence was deafening.

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