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Another wake-up call for the Republican establishment

Posted by Richard on August 26, 2010

I awake from my recent hibernation to shout "whoohoo!" at the stupendous Alaska Senate primary result. It's not official yet, due to absentee ballots, but it looks like unknown challenger Joe Miller has defeated incumbent Republican (in name only) Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski, of course, had the entire GOP establishment firmly behind her, despite her atrocious record (she supported cap-and-tax and all the bailout and porkulus packages, for starters).

In June, Murkowski had an "insurmountable" 35-point lead in the polls. Then Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller and the Tea Party Express began running ads for him (I helped fund those ads). Murkowski's lead began shrinking precipitously, but it was still 10 points a week or so before the election. Final tally (minus absentee ballots): Miller 50.9%, Murkowski 49.1%. I repeat, "whoohoo!"

Jim Treacher took delight in pointing out that Slate's Alexandra Gutierrez (among others) ended up embarrassing herself with her election eve story predicting an "embarrassing defeat" for Palin and the Tea Party Express when Murkowski "trounced" Miller. That turned out not to be reporting or analysis, but wishful thinking.


UPDATE (8/27): Another RINO who doesn't want to accept a "No" from the voters. Check out the latest in the comments. 

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3 Responses to “Another wake-up call for the Republican establishment”

  1. zombyboy said

    It is a great thing, but I’m just going to be really, really angry if Murkowski decides to run as an Independent.

  2. rgcombs said

    Prepare to become really, really angry. The Murkowski campaign is already floating trial balloons.

    And if you can believe it, this prototypical big-government Republican is rumored to be considering trying to run as the Libertarian Party nominee.

    If that isn’t bizarre enough, despite this questionable behavior, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is still helping her. They’ve sent lawyers!

    The Club for Growth is countering the NRSC and helping Miller. I just donated to that effort. I would never donate to the GOP, but I’m a big fan of the Club for Growth and support the candidates they endorse as much as I can.

  3. David Bryant said

    Lisa Murkowski is not going to run as an independent, because the filing deadline is past. She could mount a write-in campaign. And I suppose that the Alaskan LP just might be nutty enough to name her to a manufactured “vacancy”. If they do that, you’ll know that “Party of Principle” is just a lie, at least in Alaska.

    She probably ought to withdraw gracefully. Her father really ticked off the rank and file voters, first by appointing his own daughter as a U.S. Senator after he won the governorship, and then by signing a bill that conflicts with a statute (adopted via the initiative process) to prevent any future governor from appointing a U.S. Senator.

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