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Confirm Them

Posted by Richard on April 22, 2005

For all the information and intellectual ammunition you could ever want on the judicial confirmation battles, including links to petitions, visit Confirm Them. Today’s post offers a prediction/threat and minces no words (emphasis in original):

How is it remotely possible that the Republicans supposedly on the fence on this could fail to understand that if they don’t get these judges through, they will fail to see a majority again for a generation?!? I mean, this is serious. If they fail to break the filibuster against these judges, the revolt on the right will be profoundly huge. …  Hagel and McCain and Snowe and Collins will all be in the minority again, for good. And they will deserve it, because they will have failed to stand up against character assassination, the tyranny of a minority, the abrogration of Senate precedent, and the obvious meaning of the Constitution — ALL AT ONCE. This is serious, folks. If Schumer and company succeed at their sick perversion of decency, precedent and fair play, then there is no reason, none whatsoever, to believe that the GOP in Washington is anything other than an invertebrate mass of barely breathing protoplasm.

As the puppy blender would say, indeed.

Hugh Hewitt has his own predictions:

The failure to break the filibuster will result in the defeat of Senators Snowe and Chaffee in their 2006 re-election campaigns if they are among the defectors, the end of any idea of Susan Collins joining the leadership, and the end of Senator Hagel’s and senator Frist’s presidential ambition.  Fundraising for the National republican Senatorial Committee will crater, and the majority so recently and dearly won could well vanish in a matter of 18 months.

If the filibuster continues, it will spread to Supreme Court  –hard-left activist Nan Anton has guaranteed it– and the deserting senators will have the responsibility for that on their heads as well.  If the Democrats are going to run the chamber, it might as well be done formally so that the public can assess the blame for the gridlock.

UPDATE: Tonight’s 10 o’clock 9News reported that Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) and Focus on the Family were trading barbs. Focus on the Family has been running ads accusing Senate liberals of opposing judicial nominees because the have strong religious beliefs. Sen. Salazar took exception, insisting that he’s as strongly Christian as anyone and doesn’t appreciate their accusations.

As a strongly non-Christian person, all I can say to Salazar is, "How do you reconcile lying during the campaign with your faith?" I’ve sent him the following letter:

I am not religious. I am not Republican. I am not anti-abortion. But I am quite certain of what is fair, what is right, and what is in keeping with Senate precedent and with the Constitution.

During your campaign, you made a promise about judicial nominations. You committed to voting to give every nominee an up-or-down vote on the floor of the Senate. Will you keep that promise?

Please let me know whether I can count on your word or not.

If you’re a Colorado resident, please contact Sen. Salazar with a similar message. Regardless of where you live, please contact your senators and some of the gutless, wavering Republicans and demand an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor for all nominees reported favorably out of committee.

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