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Question of the week

Posted by Richard on April 20, 2005

Rush Limbaugh had a caller today named Cory (and if I’m any judge of accents, he must be one of those  –gasp!– black conservatives) who was just brilliant. I wish I had a recording of that call, and I’m hoping the transcript and/or audio will be posted on Rush’s non-member site later today.

Cory thought Bush was just wonderful in his handling of international matters and the war, and just awful in his handling of the domestic agenda. He gave some examples (the drug benefit, spending binge, lack of resoluteness on judges and appointments, lack of strong leadership over the spineless members of his party), and then Cory posed a brilliant question: If Ronald Reagan had had all the political advantages that Bush has, what would he have been able to accomplish?

I think someone needs to talk to Bush about that. When a McCain or Voinovitch bails on Bush, when one of his appointees is unfairly savaged by the Dems, when the compromisers and appeasers are urging him to reach out to Dems once more, to offer another olive branch, to move further left, Bush should ask himself: WWRD?*

*What Would Reagan Do?

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