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Eason Jordan was half-right

Posted by Richard on May 28, 2005

At the interesting site Media Slander, Bill Roggio references a recently-unearthed training manual for snipers that recommends targeting doctors, chaplains, and journalists. Roggio observes:

Finally, a clear and explicit policy to target journalists and other non combatants has been unearthed. This is in clear violation of the Geneva conventions, a despicable crime that should enrage doctors, clergymen and journalists alike.

The only problem is that the sniper manual cited was created for the insurgents in Iraq.

And for that reason, you will not read about this in the papers. Linda Foley and Eason Jordan could not be reached for comment.

Unless you read the Chicago Sun-Times, you didn’t even read about Linda Foley in the papers. Eason Jordan, barely.

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