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Evie Hudak resigns!

Posted by Richard on November 27, 2013

In September, grassroots gun-rights defenders in El Paso and Pueblo counties made history by successfully recalling two state senators, John Morse (the senate president) and Angela Giron. Morse and Giron were puppets of Michael Bloomberg and instrumental in ramming gun control legislation through the Colorado legislature.

In the wake of that tremendous success (truly a political “shot heard ’round the world”), gun-rights defenders in Arvada (Jefferson County) decided that State Sen. Evie Hudak also had to go. See Recall Hudak Too for the long list of reasons.

The Hudak recall movement made Colorado’s Socialist Democrats nervous. After the Morse and Giron recalls, they held only a one-seat majority in the state senate; a successful recall of Hudak would cost them that. Some people started hinting that Hudak could (should) resign so that the Socialist Democrat vacancy committee could appoint her replacement. Hudak dismissed the idea, vowing to fight the recall and win.

But with a week to go in the recall petitioning effort, it looked like the required number of signatures were a near-certainty. So either Hudak had a change of heart (perhaps wanting to spend more time with her family?) or the Socialist Democrat leadership, not feeling good about her chances with the voters, put the screws to her. Today, she resigned her seat effective immediately.

Good. I wonder who the vacancy committee will appoint in her place. That interim appointment is good only until the 2014 general election. Think it will be someone who’s an outspoken anti-gun zealot like Hudak? I suspect not. I’m guessing it will be someone with no public record on the issue. Not someone who actually supports our right to armed self-defense (the Socialist Democrat leadership wouldn’t have that) — just a stealth gun-banner.

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2 Responses to “Evie Hudak resigns!”

  1. Allbluster Grumbley said

    Glad to see you’re venting some of you bile. Let flow.
    But in the spirit of the season, drop us a line. Or we’ll bring the Rocky Horror Social Club to your house for the Decimation of the Beers Fest.
    Choose wisely.

  2. Billll said

    Evie resigns on Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday. 2 days, 2 turkeys.

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