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Victory for gun rights in Colorado!

Posted by Richard on September 10, 2013

For the first time in history, a Colorado state legislator has been recalled from office, and it’s a terrific victory for Second Amendment supporters across the country. State Sen. John Morse, president of the Colorado Senate, has conceded defeat. With 93% of the votes counted, it’s “Yes” on the recall by 51%-49%. Morse has been Michael Bloomberg’s stooge in Colorado, and he shepherded Bloomberg’s gun control laws through the state senate. Bloomberg personally spent more than $300,000 fighting the recall of Morse and State Sen. Angela Giron.

In Pueblo County, the recall of Giron is still up in the air, with vote totals coming in very slowly and the county clerk blaming a crashed website. The Pueblo election has seen rampant irregularities, including the wholesale distribution of absentee ballots in heavily Democratic precincts under questionable circumstances. Absentee ballots were the first to be counted there, and about 70% of those went for Giron (voted “No” on the recall). But as the ballots of actual people who went to an actual polling place to vote were counted, the numbers started shifting dramatically. Right now (10 PM MDT), with 43% counted, “Yes” leads 57%-43%. So it’s starting to look good. As Hugh Hewitt said a few years ago, “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.” 🙂

UPDATE (11 PM): Giron recalled by a 56%-44% margin! Amazing — Giron was defeated by a much larger margin than Morse. According to the pundits, Giron had the advantage. Morse barely won re-election, and his district is pretty evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. Giron’s district, on the other hand, is  47% Democratic, 29% unafilliated, and only 23% Republican. Lots of blue-collar pro-gun Democrats in Pueblo, I guess.

Message to Mike Bloomberg: New Yorkers may meekly accept your neo-fascist paternalism, but don’t try to export it out here. Message to all the other state legislators in fly-over country who’ve been courted by Bloomberg’s army of lobbyists: You carry their water at your own peril.

Democrats now have just a one-seat majority in the Colorado Senate, and they’ll have to choose a new Senate President. I suspect that he or she won’t be taking calls from Mike Bloomberg. Next question: Will the Colorado GOP have the cojones to push hard for repeal of the Bloomberg laws next year? I suspect they could get some Democrat votes.

UPDATE (11:50): I was vaguely aware that the recall supporters were outspent by all the money from Bloomberg and all the other liberal gun-control groups pouring money into these elections, but I had no idea the margin was this large:

Takes some real chutzpah to outspend the other side 6-1 in an election and still complain about NRA involvement. #CORecall

— AG (@AG_Conservative) September 11, 2013

That makes these victories that much sweeter — and that much more impactful.

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3 Responses to “Victory for gun rights in Colorado!”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Congratulations Richard! This ought to send a message to some of Bloomberg’s buddies. I got a real laugh out of the anti-gunner comments I saw in the LA Times especially Horace Manly’s assertion that “Florenz Plassmann and John Whitley seriously miscoded their new county dataset in ways that irretrievably undermine every original regression result that they present in their response. As a result, the new PW regressions must simply be disregarded.” This fool wouldn’t know a regression analysis if it walked up and bit him on the ass. I’M not THAT good at doing them and I spent a year learning how. And some of the tweets I saw bitching about the NRA were just downright silly. Now if you can just get the damned laws repealed.

  2. Richard said

    I wouldn’t know a regression analysis if it walked up and bit me on the ass. 🙂 But just reading that Manly quote makes my head hurt. I saw a brief interview with the newly elected Senator in Giron’s district, George Rivera, and he said he will absolutely be introducing a bill to repeal the two gun control laws that were enacted (magazine limit and background checks on private transfers). BTW, “outspend the other side 6-1” may be an understatement. I’ve seen a couple of reliable sources (including the Independence Institute) say it was 8-1.

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