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Giving thanks for John McCain

Posted by Richard on October 8, 2010

In a deliciously well-written piece (you should read it just to enjoy the alliteration and word-play), Gregg Opelka argued that Republicans should be ever so grateful that John McCain was their nominee in 2008. Why?

Because McCain did the one thing that none of those other men would have dared to do. And in so doing he unwittingly introduced kryptonite into the presence of Barack “Superman” Obama. In 2010 political lingo, kryptonite is spelled in the form of ten other letters: Sarah Palin. When McCain astonished with his choice of Palin as vice-presidential running mate, a chain of events unfolded that created the arch-nemesis of Barack Obama, the one force that would torment the would-be Social Justice-draped crusader more than Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh combined could ever do.

Make no mistake, DC comics readers: Sarah Palin is the agent of paralysis that is now crippling Democrats in the 2010 midterms. “Ah, but the Democrats brought it on themselves,” you cry in rebuttal. “They passed Obamacare and the stimulus bill and cap-and-trade and Cash for Clunkers, all bills that the American people overwhelmingly disapprove of. That’s what’s behind the imminent Republican rout.”

A valid point, granted. But even in the face of the their Saharan thirst to rebuff the will of the center-right American people, Democrats could have averted catastrophe, and Superman could have escaped the mid-term elections with bruised, but intact, majorities in both House and Senate-had it not been for that pernicious half-baked Alaskan. (Gee, Superman, it sucks to have a nemesis, doesn’t it?)

“But Palin isn’t even running,” you astutely ratiocinate. To which I humbly reply, “Nonsense.”

Liberal media punditry was positively Nureyevian in its grand jeté to denigrate Palin when she announced in July of 2009 she was abandoning her Alaskan gubernatorial post. “Quitter. Coward. Lightweight,” it intoned. The tasty chum chucked from the Palin prow did not go undevoured by the circling liberal media sharks, who fed for weeks on what they thought was the last of Sarah.

But as admirers of Conan Doyle’s Dr. Moriarty know, a worthy adversary has two invaluable qualities, patience and perseverance. It hardly seems a coincidence that there is a city in Alaska called Perseverance.

“The tasty chum chucked from the Palin prow” — marvelous writing! And it gets even better. Read the whole thing.

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One Response to “Giving thanks for John McCain”

  1. Annie said

    I doubted Sarah Palin eventually. If you haven’t heard it already go on youtube and listen to her on the phone where the radio pranked her and said they were the French Prime Minister. I lost all respect for her then. Ironically I’m gaining respect back. That woman knows how to work public opinion and I respect that, that’s a skill.

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