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I survived Blogger Fest 2010-02-06

Posted by Richard on February 7, 2010

Or was it Blogger Fest 0x0000000000000001? I'm not clear about the numbering. Honestly, right now I'm not clear about anything. Except that I left before midnight (and wasn't the last to leave this time) and arrived home safely about half past.

Billll did a good job of choosing a location. The Old Mill Brewery has excellent food and decent house-brewed beer, and we ended up having a back room to ourselves (about 20 of us). It was a fine evening. If you ever go there, I heartily recommend the Penne Gorgonzola, Off Colfax thought the prime rib was excellent, and the burgers got thumbs up from everyone who tried them. 

Thanks to the staff at the Old Mill Brewery for showing us a great time!

Now I hear a pillow calling my name…

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3 Responses to “I survived Blogger Fest 2010-02-06”

  1. Jan said

    I’m always glad to read the first post-fest posting. I know that you got home safely. The place sounds good.

  2. jed said

    I was struck, upon early AM reflection, that we discussed neither football nor questionable recipe book. (I can’t do a functioning link, or it just doesn’t work in the preview window?)

  3. rgcombs said

    Against my better judgment, I fixed the link for you. You can’t use HTML, but you can insert links and pics, and do basic formatting, using Wiki syntax. Click the Help tab in the Comment window for, um, help.

    As for why we didn’t talk about it — well, it just didn’t come up.

    Regarding football, I vaguely recall mentioning that I’d be rooting for my fellow Tennessee alum, Peyton Manning. No one seemed very interested.

    And that reminds me — it’s game time! Later!

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