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Iran thinks Israeli attack is imminent — with Saudi help

Posted by Richard on June 27, 2010

Take this with a whole shaker-full of salt. The original source is Iran's state-controlled media, which has about the same credibility as the late, lamented Weekly World News (supermarket checkout lines just haven't been as much fun since that rag died). reported:

The Israeli Air Force recently unloaded military equipment at a Saudi Arabia base, a semi-official Iranian news agency claimed Wednesday, while a large American force has massed in Azerbaijan, which is on the northwest border of Iran.

Iran’s Fars News Agency said the Israeli military aircraft landed 10 days ago at the Saudi base near the city of Tabuk, located in northwest Saudi Arabia, one of the closest areas in the oil kingdom to Iran.

Fars said that the Tabuk base will be the central station for an Israeli attack on Iran. It quoted an Islamic news site that a commercial airline passenger said the airport in Tabuk was closed to all other traffic during the alleged Israeli landings.

It gets even better: 

Iran’s government-funded Press TV reported that the Revolutionary Guards began closely patrolling the Islamic Republic’s northwestern border after noticing the American forces, which Iran claimed also included Israeli troops. Azerbaijan’s independent Trend news site also reported on Wednesday that American armed forces are in the country, which is in an armed conflict with rebels.

Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Mehdi Moini said Tuesday that his forces are mobilized “due to the presence of American and Israeli forces on the western border.” The Guards reportedly have called in tanks and anti-aircraft units to the area in what amounts to a war alert.

So there you have it, for what it's worth. I don't put much stock in the Saudi story and dismiss the Azerbaijan claim entirely. But the Iranian government's view of the Saudis as allied with Israel is interesting. I've seen stories claiming that the Saudis are very concerned about Iran's regional ambitions. Apparently the mistrust and animosity runs the other way, too. Those Shi'ites and Wahabbi Sunnis are just not going to get along.

It's a shame nothing will come of it. It would be nice if these two barbaric 7th-century states came to blows and destroyed each other.

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